Competency-Based TE and Micro-Credentials: the conversation continues


by  Stefanii Morton

In February, ICETE convened over 75 leaders representing the church, para-church, missions, non-formal training, formal theological education, global networks, church-planting networks and accreditation agencies with the purpose of consulting over how new approaches to theological education and church leadership development can complement the excellent work that is already being done around the world.   With more than half of the participants serving in the majority world, this was truly a global gathering.

Over 3 days, participants discussed how competency-based theological education (CBTE) and micro-credentials (MC) can strengthen and accompany the church in its mission.  The ambition of the consultation was to advance quality and collaboration and to spark and fuel a global movement that will complement and empower Christian global Christian teaching, training and forming.

Was this ambition achieved?  Here is how one participant expressed it: “This consultation was a game-changer for theological education around the world.”

ICETE is committed to pursue further dialogue and initiatives in these areas.