What is Evangelicalism in Asia?

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The webinar explored different things that we can celebrate about how evangelicalism has thrived in the region of Asia: deep sacramental dimension to spirituality, pursuit of harmonious relationship among people and with the rest of God’s creation, a strong sense of being a collective community, emphasis on radical discipleship and holistic transformation, and an intentional focus on the younger generation.

But also acknowledged were the tensions and challenges that demand continues and careful reflection. Evangelicalism in Asia, while having a shared set of practices across countries, is a dynamic cultural movement that embeds itself in a variety of contexts and is confronted with different issues. The need to maintain a certain distance between the faith it has embraced and the context in which this faith is lived out is well noted and yet at the same time also is the capacity to indigenize even the things Asian evangelicals have adopted and embraced.

Experiencing the vibrancy of evangelicalism in Asia rests on celebrating its diversity in expression on the one hand and on the other the fidelity to what it shares in common with Christians of older traditions in different parts of the world.

We hope to see you again when the conversation continues with our brothers and sisters in Africa. Keep posted!