A Prayer Request for Guinea

Prayer April 2, 2014


Kindly take a moment to spare a thought and say a word of prayer for the people of Guinea. The population has been grappling with an epidemic breakout of bleeding fever caused by the dreaded ebola virus. Recent official reports put the infected cases at 122, with about 80 dead  but the reality on the ground is much worse.

Ebola is deadly. It has no cure or vaccines and kills between 25% to 90% of infected victims, but it can be checked and stemmed quickly if measures are taken and applied diligently.

Somehow, the case in Guinea has been allowed to get out of hand and now across the nation panic and uncertainty has gripped the population.

People are not well informed, and in some cases even misinformed.  Cases are being investigated in neighbouring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Senegal has shut her border with Guinea. A lot of efforts have been employed in the last two weeks to try and contain the continual propagation of infections. Yet, without any doubt divine intervention is inevitable. Let us all join our hearts and faith in prayer before the throne of God in favour of Guinea.

This is dear on my heart personally. It burdens me very much to see a Guinean die without Christ. Besides, my family is stuck in the middle of it all in Conakry.

Please pray:
Please note that we and the people of Guinea are counting on your prayer support in a dire time like this.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit abide with you.

Eugene Yakohene
Former General Secretary of the  Evangelical Fellowship of Guinea (AEMEG) and a member of the AEMEG  board.