Action International Ministries: Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD) Consultation

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Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD)

Consultation Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon, WA

August 21-22, 2007

Twenty-two missionaries, associates, ministry partners, and pastor friends of Action International Ministries (ACTION) gathered for 24 hours August 21 – 22 near Seattle to discuss, plan, and pray about how ACTION can improve its Pastoral Leadership Development ministry to the 3.2 million untrained and undertrained needy pastors of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

ACTION was honored to have in attendance Paul Landry, the International Director of Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC), Bill Walsh from Desiring God ministries, Dr. Gary Rieben of Give Me That Book ministry, ACTION Minister-at-Large John Richard of Myanmar (Burma), and L. Nelson Reed, recently appointed International Director of ACTION. Several of the pastors and ACTION missionaries came from great distances to attend – California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Texas.

Several pastors were especially invited to share their experiences ministering with ACTION to needy pastors in previous conferences in Cambodia, Cuba, India, Malawi, Mexico, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia.

In large and small group sessions the following topics were discussed: the priority of ministry to needy pastors; the role of ACTION with the local church; orientation of pastors from the West before ministering in conferences to needy pastors in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America; the planned PLD Web site; how to improve conferences; key conference topics; guidelines for speakers; ACTION PLD job description; ACTION’s role in preparing pastors to minister overseas; the importance of preaching and teaching the Word of God and training others to do the same; holiness and the pastors’ walk with God; and the urgency of prayer.

ACTION, a mission of 222 missionaries, has urgent needs and opportunities for 50 additional pastoral missionaries to serve with needy pastors, specifically in the Philippines, India, and several countries in Africa and Latin America. For example, the Philippines, a country of 90 million people, has over 41,000 untrained pastors who need assistance, training, and encouragement. ACTION is praying that as a mission it will be able to fill some of these tremendous needs for the glory of God.

– Doug Nichols

Founder and International Director Emeritus