Micah Network – Malaysia Consultation Update

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Monthly Update

Monthly Update

Aug 07


Update on Malaysia Consultation

Registrations open until 31 August 2007


Representing 20 different countries, as many as 106 people have registered for the upcoming Micah Network consultation in Malaysia on Marginalised People - Our Christian Response.There are several workshops and case studies confirmed for presentation at the consultation. Details on the confirmed workshops and case studies are available on the Micah Network website http://en.micahnetwork.org/home/events/malaysia_consultation. We will continue to update this page in the lead up to the consultation.

We are looking for members who are able to present additional case studies and workshops addressing the following issues:

  • Gender
  • Stigma
  • HIV & AIDS
  • Refugees & internally displaced persons
  • Working with ethnic minority groups

Please contact Jane Furniss at [email protected] if you are able to assist. For further details about the consultation, which is being held from 1-5 October 2007 please click here.

Influential theological educators to participate in the consultation on HIV & AIDS

The theological educators' working group is looking to identify participants for the upcoming consultation in Malaysia

The Asia Pacific Theological Educators working group, are making arrangements for the Micah Network Theological Educators' Consultation on HIV & AIDS to be held from 1-5 October 2007, in Malaysia alongside Micah Network's Asia-Pacific regional consultation. Despite having attracted the necessary funds, the working group are still looking to identify influential theological educators who are willing and able to participate from the following countries in particular: Thailand, China, Cambodia and Pakistan.

The criteria for participants are that they must be theological educators:

  • from an institution that can influence its peer institutions
  • in a position to influence internally (i.e. Dean or Principal of the institution)
  • based in one of the more vulnerable countries in the region (regarding prevalence of HIV & AIDS and poverty levels within the country)
  • from an institution that is already teaching in the area of HIV & AIDS or is eager to introduce HIV & AIDS to the curriculum

If you would like to nominate someone who meets these criteria to be considered as a participant for the consultation, please contact Jane Furniss [email protected].

For more information please visit the Micah Network website http://en.micahnetwork.org/home/events/theological_educators_consultation.

Micah Network workshop on writing effective project proposals and reports a success

A report from Micah Network's South Asia Coordinator Rosy Neithem


Micah Network recently hosted a workshop in India from August 1-4 to assist Micah Network members to use the new Micah Network proposal and reporting guidelines.

Participants were introduced to Micah Network partnership guidelines and values, had the opportunity to connect with other Micah Network members from India and deepened their understanding of integral mission. Topics addressed by the workshop included Project Guidelines and Reporting - Donor Expectations & Introduction to Project Proposal and Reporting Guidelines as well as Project Planning and Designing using Logical Framework. The workshop included sessions on integral mission, partnership values, survey methodology, needs assessment, budgeting, reporting and preparing case studies.

The Workshop was attended by 26 participants who were directors, managers and professionals affiliated with Micah Network members from different parts of India.

By the end of the workshop, participants had obtained practical knowledge, ideas and skills on how to write better project proposals and reports. They enjoyed meaningful interaction with other Micah Network members and gained a deeper insight to integral mission and partnership within Micah Network. The full report on the workshop is on the Micah Network website at http://en.micahnetwork.org/home/events/india_workshop.


Update on the Burkina Faso Francophone Consultation Integral Mission and the Church

The program for the upcoming Francophone consultation in Burkina Faso later this year is in progress

A reminder to all members that Micah Network and Micah Network member CREDO will be hosting a consultation in Burkina Faso 19-23 November 2007.

The consultation will feature plenary speeches, workshops and case studies on integral mission, HIV & AIDS, advocacy and Micah Network.

Details on speakers and registration will be available on the Micah Network website soon. For further information please email John Wesley Kabango [email protected]

Latin America

Latin America Consultation on Integral Mission postponed

The consultation will be convened in 2008

Micah Network Latin America region's consultation on integral mission has been postponed due to funding shortage. The event was scheduled for 29 October to 2 November in Guayaquil, Ecuador and will now convene in 2008.

The aim of the consultation is to strengthen the practice of integral mission through better collaboration between churches and faith based organisations and a greater incorporation of justice issues, based on theological reflection and analysis. The consultation was expected to be a landmark in terms of the theory and practice of integral mission, not only in Latin America but also worldwide.

Please pray for the necessary funding for this event and for wisdom and guidance for the planning committee to ensure the success of this consultation.

General Micah Network News

Report: Taking the mystery out of coaching and mentoring

Micah Network associate member Linda Livingstone reports on a study on the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching in Community Service Organisations

What does a coach or mentor actually do? This is one of the questions that a recent study of leaders in community service organisations tried to explore. Each of the leaders interviewed had been involved with mentoring or coaching of staff and worked in different contexts in Kenya, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Bosnia, South Africa, Malawi and the UK.

The study found that effective coaching and mentoring:

  • involves a learning agreement
  • includes purposeful conversations
  • are holistic and empowering
  • create trusting relationships in a safe place
  • adapt to the context
  • are flexible in style and approach
  • encourage experimenting and observing
  • respond to culture and diversity
  • use resources effectively
  • use effective questioning and listening

The study also found that when coaching and mentoring was 'imposed\' on leaders by donors or international organizations, coaches had to work extremely hard with leaders to gain their trust and develop their commitment to the process.

The study concludes that the factors that affect the success or failure of the coaching and mentoring processes include:

  • commitment and interest of the individuals involved
  • sufficient resources and organisational support
  • taking a holistic, personal approach
  • embedding the process in the organisational context
  • skills and experience of coaches and mentors
  • recognition of cross cultural issues
  • ensuring an enabling external environment.

A full copy of the study Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development in Civil Society by Fran Deans and Louise Oakley with Rick James and Rebecca Wrigley Jan 2006, also includes information about some common coaching methods and tools. It can be found at http://www.intrac.org/pages/PraxisPaper14.html and is one of the resources listed in Micah Network's Mentoring Resource List available on the Micah Network website at http://en.micahnetwork.org/home/peer_mentoring .

If you would like to make any further contributions to Micah Network's Mentoring Resource List please feel free to send Linda Livingstone any information about ideas, experiences, resources that you have used in your work that you would like to share with others. Linda can be contacted on email at [email protected], on Skype - Linda Livingstone or by mail at 407/1 Warayama Place, Rozelle, 2039, NSW Australia.

Disability and Development

A special interest group on disability will meet in Malaysia at the Micah Network Asia-Pacific consultation

The issue of disability will also be a significant part at the Micah Network Asia-Pacific consultation Marginalised People - Our Christian Response in Malaysia, with a plenary session, case studies and workshops on disability to be facilitated by a range of member agencies. A special interest group on disability is also forming and will meet in Malaysia.

The Micah Network website now has a section of the website devoted to disability at http://en.micahnetwork.org/home/resources/disability.

Micah Network HIV & AIDS Forum

Micah Network is excited to announce a new HIV & AIDS forum starting soon

Micah Network is pleased that after a false start the HIV & AIDS forum will be launched during August 2007. The forum will start with 32 participants from 24 organisations working with HIV & AIDS.

The forum has the following aims:

  • to share information, learnings, strategies and resources to better equip one another to respond to HIV and AIDS
  • to provide a space for fellowship and prayer for our work in the fight against HIV and AIDS and our walk with those infected and affected
  • to provide a space for development and dissemination of theological reflection on HIV and AIDS in different cultural settings
  • to develop good practice guidelines and other resources where needed
  • to act as a resource for the wider Micah Network member base

If you would like to be involved or require further information, please email Greg Manning [email protected]