Africa: Update on Kenya

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By Rev. Judy Mbugua, Associaton of Evangelicals of Africa (AEA)
Dear Friends,

I thank God that I am well and my family too. We reopened the office
today after a long period. We should have opened the office on the 3rd of
January but the roads were impassable! Nonetheless, I am grateful to
God that all the members of the AEA staff in Nairobi are well and were able
to report back to work. However, Mureithi our gardener was attacked, had
his house burnt and his son shot with an arrow. They are both out of danger
and he was also able to make his way to the office this morning.
It has been refreshing to receive all your calls and assurance that you
are praying. The situation is still volatile and we do not know how
tomorrow will be as more calls to political rallies and demonstrations
that are funning the violence and destruction continue. Your prayers
are giving us solace and the promise of God that He will never leave us nor
forsake us keeps our hopes high that indeed things will get better.

It has been a very trying time for Kenya. After many years of enjoying
peace and the last few years of prosperity and commendable growth of
our economy, it is hard even for us here to believe what we are seeing.
Every time you watch the local and international news channels, it feels like
they are talking of another country and not our Kenya. For me, it is a spiritual
warfare. And now more than ever before we need your prayers as a country.

The last election on the 27th Dec were very closely contested and also
the voter turn out was like no other in the history of our country. Both
sides believe that they won; but the government was announced as winner
by the Electro Commission. From the look of things, there seems to have
been some irregularities in the process of counting and tarrying of votes,
from the two sides, but I do not believe anything justifies the Killings,
destruction of property and the many people that are now refugees in
their own land. More than 300 people have lost their lives and over 300,000
others displaced and are now refugees in their own country! Hungry yet
they had food in their stores. They cannot handle it! I lost two relatives.
One, a close relative of my husband.

We are grateful to God however that calm is slowly returning. The
situation is that the incumbent has state machinery while the
opposition has the masses! We really need to pray. The country is being
divided in the middle. We need these leaders to come together and get a
solution before things get any worse. I am reminded of the story in 1 Kings
4:16-28. Just like the lady in this story was ready to give up her son,
so that he could live; Our earnest prayer is that we may have the real
leader arise, give up power and personal ambition before we as a country
are divided in the middle. Only God will cause such a thing to happen. We
really need divine intervention!

Please pray specifically for the church, the divisions in the church,
the truth to come out in a way that would not disrupt peace and for tribal
animosity to die in the name of Jesus!

Thank you all for your thoughts and Prayers.

God Bless you.
Rev. Judy Mbugua
AEA Team Leader & Member of the WEA International Leadership Team