Evangelical Fellowship of India News, January 2008

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Promoting Human Rights and the Freedom of Conscience
14 January 2008
Editorial Team
Rev. Richard Howell
Arpana Mukha
Deepak Narula

Evangelical Fellowship of India (established 1951) is a charter member of World Evangelical Alliance an accredited NGO with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Monthly Magazine of EFI
The Church is called to a mind transformational mission. We should all proclaim the gospel and also demonstrate the gospel by being a holy nation and the salt, light and leaven of the world.
News at a Glance

Idukki, children's own country
Teachers, the tables have turned. In Kerala's Idukki district, you could be taken to task for making an insulting remark against a child, or even cracking a joke .

Our seven step-sisters?
We are racist across the country because of the other factor, but it is more palpable between the Northeast and the mainland.

Atrocities against Dalits on rise
As if the unabated tormenting of Dalits was not enough, UP has also witnessed several incidents in the recent past when school kids refused to eat mid-day meal (MDM) cooked by Dalit women.

AIDS affected widow ostracized with kids in UP village
Wide scale misinformation about HIV and AIDS is making life impossible for victims in an Uttar Pradesh village.

Child labour age bar to go up
The Centre is planning to increase the age bar from 14 years to 18 years to end a disparity in child labour laws and juvenile justice laws.

Women not on top, despite performing better
Despite obtaining higher marks in examinations and performing better at workplaces, women are finding it increasingly difficult to get promoted to top jobs in both the public and the private sector.

What makes our men do such things?
The Capitals women suffer: be it lewd remarks, gestures, brushing against them, touching, grabbing or pinching. Why do men do this? This is a bizarre manifestation of the ill-understood traditional power equation between man and woman.

Changing the society, quietly
There are unsung heroes in every society, every nation. They work quietly, without seeking to draw attention and change lives, sometime very dramatically. What do they get in return? Not much, most of the time.

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Main Story

The mayhem in Orissa's picturesque Kandhamal district, a swathe of dense forests and rich mines, has left a trail of vandalised and burnt churches. And Christians, who constitute nearly 16 per cent of this tribal-dominated district, have lost confidence in the government's ability or willingness to protect them.


The violence that began in the Indian state of Orissa on Christmas Eve continued with arson attacks killing at least nine more Christians. Furthermore, at least 50 churches and institutions have been destroyed or desecrated as a result of the attacks...

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