Appointment of Stéphane Lauzet

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September 15, 2011

The WEA is very pleased to announce the appointment of Stéphane Lauzet to serve the WEA's French-speaking national Evangelical Alliances and Fellowships and the wider francophone world.

Stéphane's appointment will help to increase the connections between French-speaking evangelicals globally and strengthen the regional Evangelical Alliances. His role will bring the cultural and spiritual riches of the francophone world to the wider global community.

Stéphane brings immense experience to this new role as WEA Francophone Ambassador, which will equip and empower French-speaking Alliances.  He was General Secretary of the National Alliance in France for 16 years and played a very key support role in the European Evangelical Alliance.  He possesses incredible working knowledge from both the national and regional levels.

The WEA is the most comprehensive and representative Evangelical body in the world today.  Established in 1846, the WEA is a movement of growing influence in the early 21st century, equipping, connecting and speaking on behalf of its global constituency.  WEA serves 129 national Evangelical Alliances, 110 associate member alliances, 7 global regions, totaling over 600 million evangelical Christians, uniting all to transform the nations.

The WEA is deeply grateful for Stéphane’s willingness to step out by faith into this significant and new role for the WEA and global evangelicals.  WEA commends him to your prayers and support.

Gordon Showell-Rogers
Associate Secretary General
World Evangelical Alliance
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