Integral Network: Statement about East Africa food crisis, 14 July 2011

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Integral Alliance statement 14 July 2011

Urgent action has been called for by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon regarding the humanitarian crisis caused by drought in East Africa. After an emergency meeting at UN Headquarters on 12 July he told reporters, "I am extremely worried by the situation … More than 11 million people need urgent assistance to stay alive … We must do everything we can to prevent this crisis deepening …The human cost of this crisis is catastrophic. We cannot afford to wait.”[1]

The worst affected countries are Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, N. Uganda and Southern Sudan – in these regions food shortages, drought and armed conflict continue to cause a massive displacement of people, as well as severe malnutrition. Integral, a global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies, currently have thirteen of their sixteen Members responding either directly or through their local partners in all five countries, where they are providing food, water and health care, or by fundraising efforts in their own countries.

Laurie Cook, Chairman of the Integral Board, says: “Integral Members are very concerned and are responding to this worsening situation in various ways. This includes launching appeals for funding in headquarter countries, as well as working on the ground with their own staff & trusted partner organisations in an effort to provide necessary assistance. Through Integral we will continue to consider larger-scale collaborative partnerships in response to the gravity of the situation.

Integral Alliance will continue to share information about the response of its Members in East Africa, with a view to increasing co-operation and creating more funding opportunities amongst its Membership for this escalating crisis.

Integral Members responding to the East Africa crisis are:
CEDAR Fund (Hong Kong)
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (USA/Canada)
Integra (Slovakia)
MAP International (US)
SEL (France)
TEAR (Australia)
Tear (Netherlands)
Tearfund (Belgium)
Tear Fund (Switzerland)
TEAR Fund (New Zealand)
Tearfund (UK)
World Relief (Canada)
World Relief (US)

Integral website:

Integral Contacts:
Fiona Boshoff, Integral Director. [email protected]
Sarah Fordham, Integral Communications Officer [email protected]

[1] See UN New Service: