Belarus: Christian Facing Deportation

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Dear Friends,

We are appealing for your prayer and support for Jaraslau Henryhavich who faces deportation from Belarus by 7 June. He is a Polish citizen, his wife and 2 young children are Belarussian. His “crime” is undermining national security through interdenominational activities!

Jaraslau and his family have asked for as much international noise as possible. They understand the risks but request that we cover the story in the press and/or contact the Belarussian authorities in Minsk or at the embassy in your country.

Please find attached a letter from the family giving details of the situation, plus the Minsk addresses.

Jaraslau is also happy to be interviewed by phone. +375 296 25 26 29. Please bear in mind that his calls are probably being monitored so do not be overtly critical of the Belarussian authorities. Jaroslau would not want you to be. His life is about seeking to bless Belarus, that’s why he wants to stay.

If you would like more information, please contact Julia at
[email protected]-house.co.uk. And please let me know if you do decide to act.

Thank you & God bless.