“World Refugee Sunday” Event Seeks To Engage People of Faith on Refugee Issues

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WASHINGTON D.C., May 20, 2007 – A core group of evangelicals is gearing up for a global event designed to “rouse the conscience of the Church” on the refugee issue.

“World Refugee Sunday”, a project promoted by the Refugee Highway Partnership, involves churches around the globe in an effort to remember those who have no home. The event will be held on two consecutive Sundays, June 17 and June 24, which encase the UNHCR event “World Refugee Day” (observed on June 20).

“World Refugee Sunday is an incredible opportunity for churches worldwide to show support and solidarity with millions of displaced women, men, and children,” says Heidi Moll Schoedel, Chair of the Refugee Highway Partnership, “We are seeking to rouse the conscience of the Church through this powerful event.”

More than 33 million people throughout the world are refugees or displaced persons. Persecution and terror force these individuals to flee their homeland, often leaving everything behind.

“These people have lost family members, friends, and possessions, not to mention the familiarity of home,” says Linda Moorcroft, who serves as the RHP Refugee Children Facilitator, “Which is one reason why this event – and the continued involvement of the Church – is so vital. It’s a signal that we care deeply for each of them.”

More information on the upcoming World Refugee Sunday event, June 17 and June 24, can be found on the website of the Refugee Highway Partnership, a unique blend of individuals, churches and organizations who are working to assist refugees around the world.

Visit < www.refugeehighway.net > to find out more about the Refugee Highway Partnership and World Refugee Sunday. You can download bulletin inserts, prayer ideas and background materials.

For more information, please contact: Kristin Wright, Director of Communications, Jubilee Campaign (703) 503-0791, or Heidi Moll Schoedel, Chairperson, Refugee Highway Partnership (630) 307-1400 x107

Originally launched as a cooperative network within World Evangelical Alliance in 2001, the REFUGEE HIGHWAY PARTNERSHIP (RHP) is a community of Christians from around the globe who share a commitment to welcome and serve refugees and a desire to see the Church more actively involved in refugee ministry. The term “refugee highway” refers to well-worn paths that criss-cross the globe. Millions of desperate people travel these routes every year after being forced from their homelands by violence, terror and persecution. These refugees seek a safe place to end their journey and begin new lives in freedom and safety. The Refugee Highway Partnership seeks to engage the church on these issues and is coordinated by a team of refugee ministry leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.