Bethlehem Bible College: Appeal letter on behalf of the people of Gaza

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(The Shepherd Society)

P. O. Box 17166

Jerusalem, 91190



Dear friends,


Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Savior and the giver of life. We have been receiving several telephone calls and emails asking us how to help the people of Gaza. The latest news from Gaza shows that the death toll among Palestinians is over 900 and the injured has surpassed 4000. From all indications, it seems that this number will continue to rise. Many of the dead are women and children and non- combatant men. We are witnessing a great humanitarian crisis. The situation in Gaza is horrible. All the people need our help. The Christian community in Gaza is very small; some reports estimate its population to be less than 3500 individuals. This community is suffering as much as the rest of the population. Three members of this community, all of whom are civilians, have lost their lives in this war.


Some of you are aware that Salwa, Bishara's wife, is from Gaza. She still has family there. Like most Gazans, they are out of electricity and gas, and most of the time they have no running water. There were days when they did not have any food to cook. The bombing has been very close to them. They are afraid, but have no where to hide.


This past December several families from the Christian community in Gaza were allowed to come and visit Bethlehem for Christmas. While here, the war broke out in Gaza and now they cannot go back. They number about 35 families. They are stuck in Bethlehem with very little resources. In addition there are 7 families that came a year ago and are afraid to go back to Gaza.


We are seeking your prayers. Please pray for the end of this terrible war and pray for wisdom to be given to both sides of the conflict to do what is right in the eyes of God.

·         Pray for an end to the killing of Palestinians and Israelis and that both communities can live in peace.

·         Pray for the leaders on both sides that the Lord will give them wisdom.

·         Pray for all the families that lost loved ones to be comforted.

·         Pray for the Church in Gaza that it will be a Light in the midst of this darkness.

·         Pray for a peace accord that will end all hostilities between Israelis and Arabs


Bethlehem Bible College, in cooperation with the Shepherd Society, the Church of Missionary Alliance in Jerusalem, Musalaha (Reconciliation) and the Palestinian Bible Society are seeking and receiving funding to help the people of Gaza. We are in touch with the Baptist Church in Gaza who will do the actual distribution of food, medicine and other items. Please see the details below for your contributions.


In His Name

Bishara Awad & Alex Awad

Bethlehem Bible College & Shepherd Society

[email protected]

+972 0545531575


P.S. Funds can be sent to Bethlehem Bible College, designated as: "Help for Gaza". In the USA send contributions to:


Bethlehem Bible College.

614-C South Bus. IH-35

New Braunfels, TX 78130


Tel: 830-708-7444

Fax: 830-629-0357

E-mail: [email protected]

*United Methodist congregations wishing to make contributions to the Shepherd

Society can use the following Advance Number: 3020439


In UK send your support to:

Hope Christian Trust

Bethany , 14 Farthing Combe

Axbridge, Somerset , BS26 2DR


Tel: 01934 733695

Email: Rev John Angle - [email protected]

or [email protected]

*Designate for Bethlehem Bible College in the memo line. All donations are tax

deductible. Charity Commission Reg. No. 328456.