Blessed Earth & Northland Church: “Hope for Creation” international simulcast, April 21

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On Wednesday, April 21, Dr. Joel C. Hunter, WEA North America Counsel member will be partnering with Blessed Earth to share an international simulcast called Hope for Creation. It will be the largest gathering of people and churches on creation care ... ever.

Hosted at Dr. Hunter’s Church, Northland, this “no politics” event will be one hour long and will include prayer, musical guests and the introduction of a new creation care film series by the makers of the NOOMA films (www.nooma.com ).

This will be a global event, connecting participants worldwide and helping us to build bridges with those who care about creation, but are not yet included in God?s family.

Those signing up range from small groups, schools and churches to entire denominations. There?s even a zoo that signed up! Bottom line: Any group or venue with Internet access is welcome to participate.

This will be a time to worship and celebrate. Our only agenda will be to consider our roles as stewards. Dr. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth, the visionaries for this project, are dedicated evangelical Christian leaders who practice what they preach. Make plans to participate in what promises to be the largest-ever assembly of the church coming together to care for the planet!