Join the “Global Day of Prayer for Turkey” – April 18

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you may know last year April 18 was proclaimed as a "Global Day of Prayer for Turkey". Believers, in-country and abroad, were positive about this step. This year, 2010, April 18 coincides with a Sunday and we want to encourage churches worldwide to allocate a few minutes of their worship on that day to pray for Turkey. Just imagine, on that day millions of believers bringing Turkey and its church before the throne of God!

For this purpose you will find a letter attached (it consist of 3 pages which will be self explanatory when you open it).

We have an important request from you: Will you please pass on this letter both to your church and to all the Christians you know around the world to pass on to their churches and leaders asking them to spread this on and to join in this prayer effort. Let us bring together millions of followers of Jesus Christ from around the world in prayer for Turkey and the church in Turkey on Sunday April 18!

A short (~3 minute) video is available on an internet site which you can download to show at churches, groups. You will also find the attached letter on the same internet site. Both the video and letter are available in 6 languages (Turkish, English, French, German, Spanish and Korean).

Website address: www.prayforturkey.com

Please, please send the attached letter to all you know and come let us on that day fill the heavens with prayer for Turkey!

With our love in Jesus Christ, who has united unto Himself people from every tongue, tribe and nation.

The Alliance of Protestant Churches in Turkey