Fundraising for Cambodia fire victims

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

Greetings from EFC-RDMC,

On Monday evening, March 08, 2010 about 6:30pm, a severe fire raged through Group 14 and 15, Phum 22, Beoung Kok II, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh City. EFC Relief and Disaster Management Commission (EFC-RDMC) presented in the area to collect the information of houses burnt and also to assess scope of damaged and destroyed. Community representative reported that there were 187 houses burnt and 257 families are affecting and among them few Christian families also found. One child was initially presumed to have been killed in the fire, but was later found. After observing directly several times, getting the detail numbers of families affecting, EFC-RDMC have decided to respond for the needs. Therefore, we would like to encourage you all to cooperate with us by kindly contributing some resources or commodities for responding in this charitable activity. Without your cooperation and supporting, this activity may not be happened. And what we really want to see is to show God's love and His compassion to the needs and suffered people through our hands and unity. Anyway, please kindly share this information to your church and organization. Plz access to this address http://vimeo.com/10032386 for some more information about fire. Thanks

Best regards and More blessings to you, your family and Ministry!

For Rev. Heng Cheng

Ma Ravuth
EFC Relief and Disaster Management Coordinator
Office (+855) 23- 885-241
Mobile(+855) 12- 713-551
[email protected]