Brazil Exports Missionaries

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In the space of a generation, Brazil has gone from being an importer to an exporter of missionaries. This reality was affirmed in the 6th. Brazilian Mission Conference, held last week, in Caldas Novas, Goias State, with approximately 2,000 participants from different churches and regions of Brazil. The Conference was organized by the Brazilian Association for Transcultural Missions (ABMT). The change in Brazil has come about since the Lausanne Congress in 1974, and the Missionary Congress organized by Inter-Varsity in 1976. Today there are 3700 Brazilian missionaries serving in over 100 nations, not including those engaged in outreach to Amerindians in the Amazon region. The growing missionary conscience goes hand in hand with the growing protestant population in Latin America, almost entirely conservative in its theological outlook. According to the census of 2000, Brazilian Protestants form more than 20% of the population, in other words, over 40 million people. These protestants call themselves ‘evangelicals’ but are called ‘believers’ by those on the outside. In the past the Episcopal Anglican Church would belong to this group but in recent decades has distanced itself from it, adopting a more liberal-catholic, revisionist stance.  Brazilian missionaries went initially to other Latin American countries, to Latin Europe, and to other Portuguese speaking nations. Today, Brazilian missionaries can be found on every continent, including North Africa and the Middle East. Brazil has the largest number of Christian Arab immigrants in the world. Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, the sole Anglican present at the 6th. Missionary Conference, was a keynote speaker, considering “The Uniqueness of Christ and the Mission of the Church”, a lecture broadcasted on various sites on the internet. The Diocese of Recife opted to play a full role in the conservative evangelical group insofar as it is one of the founders of the Brazilian Evangelical Alliance, Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti is a member if the movement’s steering committee.

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“Ninguém nasce odiando outra pessoa pela cor de sua pele ou por sua origem ou sua religião. Para odiar, as pessoas precisam aprender. E se podem aprender a odiar, podem ser ensinadas a amar, pois o amor chega mais naturalmente ao coração humano do que o seu oposto.
A bondade humana é uma chama que pode ser oculta, jamais extinta” (Nelson Mandela)