Canada: New Issue of Church & Faith Trends – August 2010

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August 12, 2010

The August 2010 issue of Church & Faith Trends is now available at www.churchandfaithtrends.ca. A summary of the articles appear below.

August 2010 / Volume 3 / Issue 2

A Demographic Look at Evangelical Congregations
by Sam Reimer, Crandall University and Michael Wilkinson, Trinity Western University
The Canadian Evangelical Churches Study, the first of its kind in Canada, paints a portrait of contemporary, evangelical congregations. Drawn from 478 interviews with pastors from five major Canadian denominations, Reimer and Wilkinson show us both the demographic broad strokes and some of the nuances of our dynamic evangelical movement.

Pastoral Well-being: Findings from the Canadian Evangelical Churches Study
by Sam Reimer, Crandall University
What do Canadian evangelical pastors see as their ministry strengths and weaknesses? How often do they work in each? What is it about pastor's jobs that gives them the greatest satisfaction? What might be the signs that your pastor is burning out? Is there a difference in ministry outlook between older and younger pastors? Pastors and congregations alike will benefit from the insights found here as they work to care for their pastors, their congregations and their communities.

Canadian Evangelical Congregational Investment in Education, 2003–2008
by Rick Hiemstra, Director, Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism
If "lifelong learning" is important then how are evangelical congregations doing when it comes to investing in education and training for their staff and volunteers? How much does a typical evangelical congregation invest? What is necessary? What percentage of congregational employees work for a congregation that invests in education? Does education investment affect a congregation's bottom line? Do denominations invest differently? Congregational staff, volunteers and those who invest in them will find this a helpful portrait of congregational education investment as they plan for the future.

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