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 Friday, August 13, 2010

A “quiet revolution” has been taking place, and it has caught us unaware. As core moral values drift away from a biblical standard in Canada, countries formerly closed to Christian ethics are discovering and embracing the Bible’s teaching – countries like Russia and the Ukraine. Due to a shift in their ideologies, a Canadian ministry has been mandated by the Russian and Ukrainian governments to supply Bibles to all their elementary and secondary schools. Has the world ever seen a greater outreach opportunity than helping these governments provide a Bible-based education in all their schools?

A “quiet revolution” we’re more familiar with concerns the advance of technology and its use for God’s Kingdom. In Indonesia, where the Bible is being translated into many different languages, a Timorese man distributes God’s Word to university students via cell phone.

In North America, seminary students hold day jobs and rush home to finish assignments for their online courses.

In Toronto the GTA Faith Alliance has opened a centre to teach young people how to repair computers and prepare for job interviews.

Technology is a vehicle for blessing. But it can sometime deliver a curse.

Most who publish articles and opinions online have experienced the “curse” of hate-filled anonymous comments that appear, not infrequently, in the comments section. They have become a concern of the broader media throughout North America. How to contain them? Vancouver Sun’s religion editor Douglas Todd comments on the vitriolic nature of these anonymous commentators.

We have an intriguing selection of articles this week. We encourage you to check out Russia’s “quiet revolution” and glean from our other features. Also, please visit our homepage for lots more.


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