Caribbean: CONECAR – Final Day

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Evangelical Alliance of the Caribbean

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: The final day of the Congress of Evangelicals in the
Caribbean (CONECAR 2007) was a fitting climax to a most amazing week. The presence
of God was clearly evident. Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore, who was one of the founders of
CONECAR, professed this congress to have had the best content at all levels of all
the previous CONECARs he has attended. He commended Rev. St. Clair Mitchell for his
message of Wednesday evening, calling that sermon "hi-octane, energetic, mind
expanding and status quo challenging." He went on to say that he will be processing
that message for "a long time to come."

In a message built around the theme of "The Universal Body Making a Difference," Dr.
Gallimore challenged participants to emulate the Church in the first century who
stood boldly against governmental persecution and preach the gospel without regard
to the consequences. He called the Caribbean Church to a similar holy boldness that
will transform our nations and challenge Caribbeans with the truth lived out in its

Pastor Lyall Bethel of the Bahamas challenged the Church to engage the society and
recapture the segments of society lost to the influence of the Church. He called for
careful research of issues facing the Church in the our islands and spent time
teaching participants basic strategies in engaging society at every level,
sprinkling the salt of born again Christians. As the Church has withdrawn within its
four walls, the devil has quickly moved to fill the void created and we wonder why
so much seems to be going wrong in our societies, according to Pastor Bethel. Pastor
Bethel called the Church to strategically engage every major sector of society that
the Lordship of Jesus Christ may be asserted over every nation in accordance with
Psalm 2:8.

The final plenary was presented by Rev. Dr. George Phillips of the US Virgin
Islands. In a simple and quiet, but very powerful manner, Dr. Phillips called the
Church back to faithfulness to the Church's biblical mandate to disciple the

Many have been the comments of commendation, appreciation for the congress that
challenged, provoked, refreshed and the paradigm shifting impact of the whole
congress experience.

God willing, CONECAR 2009 will be held in Jamaica, the place where CONECAR was
birthed in 1984.