Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Update, October 2007

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Musalaha! There have been some exciting developments in
recent days, as God has continued to bless and challenge our ministry to
grow. Already established projects have continued to flourish with
positive results, and a number of new initiatives are perched, ready to
take flight. We believe, and have been shown through experience, that
the power of prayer is real, and ask that you keep Musalaha in your
prayers over the next couple of months, as our projects, new and old,
get under way. Without the love and generous support of the many
selfless contributors to our ministry, we would not be able to share the
message of peace, love, and hope in Christ's name to the embattled
inhabitants of Christ's home. God has already answered our prayers, as
many items on our budget for 2008 have already been funded, but many
more have not. Please remember our budgetary needs in your prayers and
thank you again for your spiritual and financial support

The following is a list of the up-coming activities, including their dates. Prayer
is a powerful weapon at our disposal against the powers of hate, intolerance, and
mistrust. Please join us in our struggle against these evils by remembering to pray
for our participants and planners.

In His Name,

Thank you again.

Salim J. Munayer Ph/D.

Musalaha Director

Up-Coming Events

October 27th - November 2nd - Muslim-Christian Seminar in Cyprus

At the end of this month, Musalaha will be hosting its second Muslim-Christian
Seminar, this time held in Cyprus. While reconciliation between Israelis and
Palestinians remains crucial, the chasm that separates Palestinian society is deep
and presents an obstacle to lasting peace in the region, since no society can
reconcile with its neighbors if it has not first dealt with the divisions plaguing
its own household. Rev. Brian Cox will be leading the seminar for the second time,
and Musalaha is especially grateful for his gracious cooperation. Please remember
this seminar in your prayers, as the Muslim-Christian Bridge-Building work is still
new (since 2006) and is of crucial, and ever-growing importance. Pray for the safe
travel of all the participants, and for Rev. Brian Cox as he prepares his teaching
material. We also ask that you remember to pray that all the participants will come
to this meeting ready for a time of serious relationship building and trust
establishing, and will not be distracted by the current round of Muslim-Christian
conflict among the Palestinians. Please also pray for the Muslim and Christian
Palestinian communities, that they would learn to love and accept each other, and
live in mutual recognition and understanding.

Urgent: Please pray that all participants will get the appropriate Visa from the
Cypriot embassy in Jordan. Because of a last minute flight cancellation, the travel
plans have changed and the seminar may be cancelled if our participants cannot get
Visas. Immediate pray needed!

November 2nd - Youth Holland Trip Follow Up Meeting

We will be hosting a one day follow up meeting for the participants of our Youth
Trip to Holland that took place in August. They will be meeting at Talitha Koumi.
Although only a short meeting, it will give the youth who went on the trip a chance
to once again fellowship with each other, and to continue to work on the
relationships and friendships that were established. Much progress was made on their
trip, as the Palestinian and Israeli youth connected with each other almost
immediately, and without follow up meetings, these steps towards reconciliation
would be lost. Please pray for safety as all the youth and the leaders travel to
meet. Pray also that their time will be one of joyful fellowship, and that none of
the influences of hate or intolerance these youth face once they arrived home from
their trip, will be allowed to affect the great progress this group has made.

November 9th - Leadership Training Seminar

On the 9th of November, Musalaha will be hosting the first of its monthly Leadership
Training Seminars. The training is designed for those committed to long term
involvement in reconciliation work, and those selected for the training include
potential community leaders among both the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as
the members of the Musalaha staff. This is an exciting new project that will add
much to Musalaha's capabilities in terms of projects, for the goal is to have a
large, and growing pool of leaders who are trained in the Biblical principles of
reconciliation, non-violence, and tolerance, that can help with Musalaha's programs,
or ideally, initiate their own. Please pray for the participants who will be
studying, and for those that will be leading the training, that they will meet in a
spirit of mutual desire to grow and learn from each other.

November 13th - 20th - Shadia Qubti's Trip to Denmark

Shadia Qubti will be traveling to Denmark in November to speak to Musalaha's
supporters, and share about the youth work. We have many friends in Denmark that
have faithfully supported us, especially through our youth work. Shadia, our Youth
Project Coordinator, will be speaking to churches, youth groups, and different
organizations that are interested in our youth work. Please pray for Shadia's safety
as she travels, and for her message. Pray that those who have supported Musalaha
would be encouraged, and that those who have not heard of Musalaha would be blessed
by hearing of the great work of reconciliation and love God is doing through it,
among the Israeli and Palestinian youth, the leaders of the future.

December 7th - Local Women's Meeting, Bethlehem

In December, two women's groups, Palestinian women from Bethlehem and from Northern
Israel/Galilee region, are meeting together in Bethlehem. This is the first meeting
between these two groups, and the first of its kind, as the Palestinian Israeli
women are not usually accustomed to venturing into the P.A. It is intended as a time
of fellowship and relationship building. Please pray for safety in travel for all
these women, and for the spirit of the meeting to be one of understanding and
solidarity through sisterhood and through Christ.

Contribution Addresses:

transferred to our Israeli bank account or sent to the following organization in the USA. Please write the checks to the name of the organization and in a letter designate the funds to Musalaha. Thank you.


Reconciliation Ministries

P.O. Box 238

Medina, WA. 98039-0238