Christians Collaborate to Fight Trafficking through the European Freedom Network

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Press release

March 8, 2011

“Set my captives free!”

Christians Collaborate to Fight Trafficking through the European Freedom Network 

Human traffickers and pimps work together across Europe to cause huge suffering.  Since summer 2009, the European Evangelical Alliance has been nurturing a response, bringing together Christians who work to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Now with 90 partners, the European Freedom Network has become an official network of the EEA.   

Niek Tramper, EEA’s General Secretary, said, “We cannot lose any time in combating these modern and sometimes hidden forms of slavery in our so called free continent. I am impressed by the joy and energy reflected by staff and volunteers within the European Freedom Network to obey the call of Jesus to ‘set my captives free’. With delight I welcome EFN as one of the most strategic networks of EEA.”   

Julia Doxat-Purser, EEA’s Socio-Political Representative, added, “The European Freedom Network is all about the Body of Christ working together to make a big difference.  We are a family of ministries sharing ideas and resources, working together where we can, always encouraging local initiatives. Cooperation makes us so much more effective.  A growing number of EFN partners are generously giving their time so that our collective work is stronger.” 

EFN focuses on finding solutions to needs and working on problems together. Already, EFN relationships have enabled coordinated expertise to assist growing work in Romania.  The EFN advocacy team are working on public policy in several nations.  The prayer team are developing resources to equip the Church for strategic prayer.  

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag is EEA’s new Associate on Human Trafficking and Prostitution.  She said, “I believe that we have the opportunity and the obligation to respond in redemptive ways to this crisis of exploitation.  The global Church, working together locally, can be a powerful force in the battle against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.” 

EFN partners include friends from the International Christian Alliance on Prostitution, the European Baptist Federation, Beyond the Streets, AGWM, the Salvation Army, CARE, Stop the Traffik, YWAM and many national Evangelical Alliances. 

For more information about the European Freedom Network, the issues involved, or to join, pray or support in other ways, contact: 

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag, EEA Associate on Human Trafficking & Prostitution 
[email protected]  

Or the European Evangelical Alliance Office [email protected]

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