Don’t Look Away: Protect the People of Darfur

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Dear Friend,

Attacks on civilians in Darfur are continuing and the UN has still only deployed a handful of the peacekeepers needed. We need you to join with us on the Day for Darfur and to sign up to our petition to the UN General Assembly calling for the African Union-United Nations hybrid peacekeeping force to be urgently deployed.

Help us to remove the blindfolds of the General Assembly members and tell them that you refuse to look away while the people of Darfur suffer by signing the petition and helping us to reach our target of 5,000 signatures before the General Assembly opens in September.

Join us now and sign the petition!

We call on all world leaders to use their authority to:
- Demand that the Sudanese government, armed groups and Janjawid
militia halt attacks against civilians and humanitarian agencies;
- Ensure the recently authorised African Union-United Nations hybrid peacekeeping force is deployed expeditiously and fully.

Darfur has witnessed the worst human rights abuses imaginable. More action is needed to protect them, please don’t look away now.

Please spread the word about the Day for Darfur and click here to invite friends to sign the petition with you.

Best regards,

Geoff Tunnicliffe,
International Director