EFI Persecution Watch, March 26, 2010

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March 26, 2010

Sunday worship meetings attacked in two districts of Chhattisgarh

On March 21 in Nandini, Durg, Chhattisgarh, police arrested three Christians after Hindu extremists allegedly from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad lodged a complaint against them, of insulting the national flag. Our correspondent Akhilesh Edgar reported that at about 2 p.m., the extremists carrying the national flag entered into the Personality Development Centre for Youth, attacked the students and teachers, burned Bibles and gospel literatures. The extremists wrote some derogatory remarks and drew a picture of cross on the national flag they brought. Later the extremists went to the police station with the national flag, filed a complaint against three Christians, accusing them of insulting the Indian flag. The police charged the three Christians under Section 2 of a Special Act Rashtriya Gaurav Apman Nirvaran Adhiniyam and later released them on bail.

In Raipur District a mob of about 40 Hindu extremists allegedly from the Bajrang Dal stopped the Sunday prayer meeting (21 March) in Kasdol, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. According to our correspondent Akhilesh Edgar, the extremists at about 3:30 p.m. barged into the prayer meeting of Ebenezer Church, accused the Christians of forceful conversion, tore Bible and Christian literature and closed the church. The extremists further threatened the church members of dire consequences if they continue future worship meetings. Later, police arrived and took pastor Ravi Bagha and other church members to the police station and detained them for about 7 hours. Police refused to take the complaint of the Christians.

In another Incident, a mob of about 25 Hindu extremists allegedly from the Bajrang Dal forced their way into the Sunday worship service ( March 21) of Believers Church in India, threatened and verbally abused the Christians and confiscated Bibles and other literatures in Kasdol, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. At about 2 p.m. the extremists entered into the church, verbally abused the Christians of their faith and threatened to beat them up if they did not leave the area, reported our correspondent Akhilesh Edgar. The extremists also threatened one church member to dismiss her from her government job if she continues to embrace the Christian faith. The police arrived at the spot and took the Christians to the police station and detained them for about three hours. They also verbally abused the Christians and urged them to vacate the area. Kindly pray for all the church members of The Believers Church as they are living in fear following this incident.

A Christian worker jailed in Orissa

Orissa police arrested one Christian worker from Indian Missionary Society and imprisoned him in Malkangiri District Jail since December 2009. Our correspondent Pastor A. K Samuel reported that the Hindu extremists in the area where the Christian worker was preaching were bent on creating a rift between the local Konya people and the People's War Group (militants who oppose government for its alleged capitalist ideology). The Hindu extremists falsely informed the militants that the Koya people are converting to Christianity and that they are planning to identify the militants to the police force. Here the Christian worker took the bold step of walking into the jungles and explained the lies and tact of the Hindu extremists to the People's War Group. This encounter made the police to arrest the Christian worker on charges of having links with the People's War Group. The Christian worker was arrested and is languishing in Malkangiri District Jail, Orissa, since December 2009. Kindly pray for the Christian worker and for justice in this matter. Also pray for all the Christians in Orissa.

Five pastors attacked in Tamil Nadu

Alleged Hindu extremists accused five pastors of carrying gospel tracts to glorify Christianity and filed a police complaint against them on March 23 in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. Five pastors from Nagercoil visited Christians in Kullampalaya slum area with medical help, reported our correspondent. The extremists accused the pastors of carrying colourful tracts to glorify Christianity and later lodged a complaint against them. Kama Nayakkampalayam police reached at the spot and took the five Christians in custody. Later, the police after an enquiry found the Christians, innocent and released them.

An appeal to write to authorities

As concerned people, kindly write to the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu respectively, appealing to them to safe guard the rights of the minority communities and to give protection to churches against attacks and to take immediate action against the perpetrators of violence..

Dr. Raman Singh
Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh
Chief Minister Niwas, Raipur
Email: [email protected]

(O) Tel: (0771) 2221000 ; 2221001 ; 2331001
(O) Fax: (0771) 2221306
(R) Tel: (0771) 2331000

Shri Navin Patnaik
Chief Minister of Orissa
Naveen Nivas, Aerodrome Road, P.O.
District Khurda, 751001 (Orissa)
Email: [email protected]

(O) Tel: (0674) 2531100; 2535100 ; 2531500
(O) Fax: (0674) 2400100
(R) Tel: (0674) 2590299

Shri M. Karunanidhi
Chief Minister of Tamilnadu
Email: [email protected]

(O) Tel: (044) 25672345
(O) Fax: (044) 25671441

Rev. Dr. Richard Howell

General Secretary
Evangelical Fellowship of India
New Delhi, India

Evangelical Fellowship of India (established 1951) is a charter member of World Evangelical Alliance, an accredited NGO with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations