Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan Aims to Re launch the Organization for Greater Impact

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The Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan has been established since 1956. In a country where 95% of its population practices the state religion of Islam, Evangelical Christians in Pakistan witness about Christ and help those who are in need.

What are your vision and goals for the Alliance/Fellowship?

There is only one vision, since Evangelical Alliance in Pakistan (EAP) has gone through a period of turmoil over the last 10 years. That is why at the moment only small groups / organizations recognize the EAP. Our goal for the EAP in next couple years is to regain its previous status from 10 years ago. We try to re-launch and reorganize the EAP in the most effective way.

What can we thank God for, from this last month (or year)?

In spite of the fact that our Alliance is very small we have been able to connect very well with the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). And through WEA we could be invited to various forums and meetings to participate, to talk and to discuss. Asia Evangelical Alliance (AEA) has particularly helped us so that we could get back on our feet again. This is very significant for us to be thankful for.

Do you have some examples of the positive impact the Alliance is making in your region?

Through the connection with World Evangelical Alliance and Asia Evangelical Alliance, we were recognized by other organizations. The WEA and the AEA gave much attention to us so that we gained the credibility and that is a big help for our work as we are becoming a trusted partner for other Global organizations to collaborate and partnership in various projects.

Can you give me some examples of public engagement with your local community?

The Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan played a significant role in the flood relief in the year 2011, after 2 big floods swept several villages in the area of Punjab nearby the city Lahore. We helped substantially by providing food to 250 families right after the flood happened. Blankets, quilts and pillows were distributed to families with 5 to 7 members. We have provided seeds and fertilizers to poor farmers who lost all means of livelihood during the floods this year.

Later on we handed out tents and helped to build fifty “shelter rooms” which included both kitchen and bathroom. All of this relief measures was possible through the help of several groups and sister organizations that supported us financially to provide immediate aid in those flooded areas.

Shelter room (measuring 18x12 feet) which includes kitchen and bathroom.

Several teams from EAP worked for “Scripture Ministry” providing the Scriptures to local people. During the yester year , 4326 Bibles/ New Testaments and over 4168 portions of Scriptures have been sold to people in the areas we minister.

Worker of Scripture Ministry team

Rev.Dr.Ifrahim A Mathew, General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan

Do you know about the WEA Leadership Institute (LI) and all that it offers? Do you have any suggestions to make the LI courses easier to access from your region?

Yes, in fact I did attend one of the courses from Leadership Institute. In current conditions we do not have capacity to utilize this resource, however we do look forward to using this great tool.

What other services from the WEA have been helpful to the Alliance this year?

The biggest contribution to EAP was to be able to participate in international seminars, workshops and conferences as well as to gain better exposure through the WEA. This comes from WEA and its regional body, Asia Evangelical Alliance, which is our bridge to WEA. Particularly the workshops organized by Religious Liberty Commission in Sri Lanka, the conferences of Global Christian Forum recently held in Manado, Indonesia, and The Gospel & Neighbors of other Faiths Congress in Seoul, South Korea.

What are some of your prayer requests that we can publish on the site?

The biggest prayer topic in the year 2012 is to re-launch and reorganize the Evangelical Alliance of Pakistan. We have prepared several action steps and we are now praying for the budget to be filled up in order to be able to carry out this plan.

Second very important prayer topic will be the national meeting with attendance of 100 national leaders from all over the country, which we planned during 28-31 March 2012. For this conference we also need God’s provision.

Third We need funds for purchase of 5000 Bibles for our Evangelistic ministry for the year 2012.

Please pray for those.