Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer

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The Evangelical Alliance Week of Prayer began in 1846 – building on a much older tradition of praying together. Both Europe and Eurasia need God’s grace and mercy so much. Prayer is one of the most important tasks of the church, the body of Christ in earth. Through prayer we seek the welfare of our societies, we participate in Gods longing to bring back His Kingdom and to defeat the dominion of the Ruler of this Age and glorify the One living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

How can we pray earnestly, if we don’t do it together? How can we pray together if we don’t act together? So let us join hands across hindrances within our congregations and movements and across barriers between denominations Our God answers earnest prayer for mercy – especially when it is done together and with persistence (Acts 1 vs 14). 

May God hear and answer many prayers as we unite expectantly before Him, using the materials produced by the Evangelical Alliances of Cyprus and Greece. 

Rev. Niek M. Tramper,  

(General Secretary, European Evangelical Alliance)