New Book on Contextualization from the Theological Commission

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November 25, 2010

The Theological Commission announces the release of its new book on contextualization: Local Theology for the Global Church: Principles for an Evangelical Approach to Contextualization. 

In the summer of 2008 fifteen scholars from all around the world gathered at Oxford for the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission’s consultation on contextualization. The concern of the gathering was to provide an evangelical evaluation of issues surrounding the task of local theologizing, and also to provide directions for a uniquely evangelical approach to that task. The results of the summit have now been edited into this volume, published by William Carrey Library. 

The collection covers issues related to exegesis, cultural anthropology, syncretism, epistemology, and theological education. While acknowledging some of the very real challenges of cross-cultural communication, there can be real conversation between different cultures. However, each culture must work out its own theology for its own context, using scripture as its basis and the global church as a dialog partner. The book also adds a final chapter, not presented at the consultation, which provides strategies for helping theological students contextualize the material they are learning. Also included is an extensive bibliography of works on contextualization. 

Local Theology for the Global Church may be purchased at the William Carey Library website. 


Foreword: Matthew Cook 
Introduction: Rob Haskell 

Chapter 1: Paul the Contextualizer 
Dean Flemming 

Chapter 2: What Shall We Name God? 
Youssouf Dembele 

Chapter 3: We Contextualize More Than We Realize 
Craig Blomberg 

Chapter 4: Ground Level Contextualization 
Ruth Julian 

Chapter 5: Contextual But Still Objective? 
Matthew Cook 

Chapter 6: Can We See the Naked Theological Truth? 
Benno van den Toren 

Chapter 7: Developing a Palate for Authentic Theology 
Natee Tanchanpongs 

Chapter 8: The Practice of Theology 
Osías Segura-Guzmán 

Chapter 9: Theologizing Locally 
Paul Siu 

Chapter 10: Evangelical Models of Contextualization 
A. Scott Moreau 

Chapter 11: Bridging Theory and Training 
Patricia Harrison 

Edited by Matthew Cook, Rob Haskell, Ruth Julian and Natee Tanchanpongs