Evangelical Association of the Caribbean: Haiti – Our Response

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January 13, 2010

Persons are contacting my office about how to respond to the Haïtian earthquake. As you will appreciate this is a major disaster and it may be a few days before we understand the scope of what has happened in Haïti. There are numerous NGO and FBO (Faith-Based Organisations) operations in Haïti running various developmental programmes before the earthquake hit. These agencies will be first responders on the ground.

I have already heard from World Relief and Tearfund as they gear up to respond. Integral Alliance – a grouping of about a dozen major Christian relief agencies – is already discussing coordination of their responses to effectively accomplish as much as possible without unnecessary duplication and wastage of resources.

Many will want to respond to friends and family and others will respond through their denominations. I will keep in touch with Integral Alliance, part of the World Evangelical Alliance family, to see where we may be able to fit into what their members are doing. Please let me know how you plan to respond as the international agencies are sure to ask me what is being done from within our region.

The two pictures – compliments of World Relief USA – show a before and after of the presidential palace known as the Maison Blanc (the White House) in Port-au-Prince. It is a good representation of the devastation that has hit Port-au-Prince, a city which has a population of two million.

Here’s what can be done now:
  1. Generate ongoing intercession for the people of Haïti and the Government of Haïti. They are dealing with devastation and destruction that is unprecedented in Haïti or anywhere in the Caribbean in our life times.
  2. Generate ongoing intercession for the responders who will be going into Haïti. It is not unusual for these persons to be plagued with deep depression and exhaustion as they seek to help the injured and dying and as they move people from shock and grief to rebuilding the nation.
  3. Pray earnestly for the coordination of the aid that will be flowing into Haïti from numerous sources. Pray against corruption that always raises its ugly head in these situations and pray for the aid to quickly reach the people who need it.
  4. Pray for pastors and church leaders who – while dealing with their own shock, grief and loss – will be ministering to everyone around them.Pray for their spiritual, psychological and emotional strength and their daily renewal so that they can minister effectively in this situation.
  5. Pray that the country will be able to move quickly from disaster relief to planned reconstruction and that God will grant wisdom to rebuild stronger and better.
  6. Pray for all those who will be making decisions on the relief and reconstruction phases. With God’s help Haïti can rise from this tragedy a stronger and better nation.
  7. Finally, begin to make preparations for a meaningful response to our brothers and sisters in Haïti. I will keep in touch with the major Evangelical Christian relief agencies and seek ways in which we can partner in meaningful ways.

Please pass this onto Christian leaders that you know so we can begin linking our Caribbean response.



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