WEA Business Coalition News: Freedom Business Alliance

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Freedom Businesses?!
All over the world, there are businesses that profit FOR people, not FROM them. They share bold vision and an even bolder model of operations because they evaluate success using multiple metrics, some of which cannot be measured by numbers. Freedom businesses provide employment opportunities to those who have been commercially exploited, or risk such exploitation. From hand crafted goods to coffee shops to technology and everything in between, these businesses are united by the common vision of freedom.

The newly formed 'Freedom Business Alliance' exists to support these companies in succeeding. This network helps businesses to grow in size, profitability, and impact by connecting them with business expertise, new markets, investors, and a collaborative community of fellow freedom businesses.
1st Freedom Business Forum
20-24 August 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand
For the first time, business owners, investors, entrepreneurs and people from academia, foundations and NGOs, are invited  to join an extraordinary 'Freedom Business Forum'. Over three and a half days, they will receive inspiring plenary sessions, interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching from experienced business leaders. Some of the themes and topics will be: market research, trauma care, human resource management, import/export and much more.

To learn more about the forum please click HERE.