GDOP: His Story, His Glory, His Call

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Standing on Top of the World

Walking barefoot over the ‘countries’ on a giant world map, delegates of the GDOP Conference interceded for the nations of the world and celebrated at the CALL 2 ALL/ Integrity Worship Event at the CTICC, last night.

With the African-influenced worship style that Pieter McKarthy is known for, the worship team opened with energizing praise. 

Martin Deacon, VP Mobilization for Call 2 All introduced the organization and their goal of ‘reaching the least, the last and the lost’. He encouraged people to ask ‘Where is the church not?’ and then to go into those areas.

There were many testimonies about the increase of salvations worldwide as people respond to the call of God on their lives – whether it be in missions or the marketplace.

There are still an estimated 2250 unreached people groups on earth and Loren Cunningham, the main speaker at the meeting, reminded everyone that the synergy happening between the missions organizations and prayer movements is the only way that the Great Commission will be fulfilled.

Missions movements should not only be focused on salvation of the individual, but also discipling nations.

This happens most effectively when Christians reach the seven main spheres of society, namely: Family, Church/Religion, Training/ Education, Business/Economics, Government, Arts/Entertainment/Sport, Science/Technology.

Everyone on earth has the right to hear the gospel… and we that have heard have the responsibility to fulfill that right

Loren Cunningham

PLENARY: Focus on the Youth

Speakers Grace Sampson, Harold Gondwe and Olgavaro Bastos educated and inspired the audience with a focus on this generation of youth.

With over 1 billion people on earth categorized as ‘youth’ it is evident that there needs to be a focus on mentoring young people to become all they can be.

The church needs to tap into their idealism, boundless energy and progressive thinking, as these are “God-given investments” Grace said.

History and current events show how leaders from Hitler to Obama have realized the power of reaching the youth, channeling them into a following. 

Young people are looking for meaning, significance and belonging. ‘We need the power of the Holy Ghost to speak their language’ Olgavaro stated.

The speakers emphasized how important it is for the older generation to listen to the prophetic voice that the youth have and not try and enforce their own vision. 

PLENARY: Focus on Church

Geoff Tunnicliffe gave an overview of the global agenda for the church, including the challenges and opportunities facing the Church today. “We believe that God is building His church for a time such as this, but that the Church much engage with the “tough” issues of the day.

Aiah Khabenje’s highlighted that Christianity has deep roots in Africa, and that, today, the Church in Africa is one of God’s strongest links to reach the world with the Gospel. “Africa is moving from one of the world’s biggest mission fields, to one of the strongest mission forces,” says Aiah

Francois Carr rounded the session off by bring it back to the heart of the matter. “Intimacy with Jesus, and surrender to the will of the God the Father will determine our effectiveness and significance,” he said.


PLENARY: Focus on Mission

Reuben Ezemadu and Paul Eshleman encouraged participants to embrace new moves of God in terms of mission. Genuine partnership among the Body of Christ is key to being effective.

Currently there are approximately 3 700 people groups with no missionary engagement.                   

There should be no people group left unengaged and who does not have access to the Gospel. It’s a tragedy,” says Paul.

However, the good news is that there are more people hearing the message of Christ today than ever before.

Feature Stories

Your Ordinary Day into an Extraordinary Calling

Most people spend between sixty and seventy percent of their lives at work. It’s for this very reason that Graham Power, Board Chairman of Power Group, along with Dion Forster have written Transform Your Work Life. This practical handbook teaches how you can live out your faith in the workplace, transforming your work life into an extraordinary calling.    “So many people have asked me about what it means and looks like to run a kingdom company,” says Graham, “and so this book is designed to help people navigate the challenges of marketplace ministry.”

Today was the official launch and book signing session of the publication and both Graham and Dion trust that this book will have a powerful impact in the marketplace

Then on Sunday May 23, the much anticipated Global Day of Prayer event will take place at the Velodrome, in Belville, and we are expecting that it will be a significant time of prayer and repentance at this, the 10th year celebration.

 A Force for Change

Charles Babosa, Maj. Alexandre Terra and Captain Joel Rocha from the São Paulo police force in Brazil

One of many powerful stories heard at the GDOP Conference is that of transformation taking place within the São Paulo police force.

After watching a video on transformation, these police officers were inspired to make a difference in the police force, and in their community. Immediately they mobilized 1,500 Christian officers and their families to pray 24/7 for 30 days. During this time God gave them vision and strategy to bring about change. “Within the police department there were many problems such as suicide, a high divorce rate and alcoholism, so we began to pray, teach and equip our officers in how to live Godly lives. There was a big change after we started doing this, as people realized that their work had a kingdom purpose,” says Major Terra.

The police officers then invited the local pastors from different denominations and areas to meetings, giving insight into the reality of the brokenness of their communities in terms of crime and other social problems. After showing a transformation video, the police asked the pastors for forgiveness for thinking that they could handle these problems with brute force alone. A time of reconciliation followed between the two groups and the different denominations, as they joined hands in strategizing how to work together to see transformation become a reality in their state.

Out of this has come many transformation initiatives and projects, confirming the São Paulo police department as a true “force for change”.

This story is documented in the DVD A Force for Change produced by the Sentinel Group

Parting thoughts…

As the GDOP 2010 Conference draws to a close, remember:

You have heard His Story,

You have seen His Glory,

Now, obey His Call…