Jamaica and Trinidad

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A state of emergency has been declared in two Kingston districts by His Excellency the Governor General of Jamaica on advice of the Government of Jamaica. The current situation has arisen following the Government of Jamaica’s agreement to pursue the arrest of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke in response to an extradition request from the USA. Yesterday, Sunday, two policemen were killed and six others injured – four of whom have been hospitalised. Two police stations were attacked, at least one of which was destroyed by fire. The situation is very dangerous and has potentially serious legal and political ramifications. Anyone wishing to follow the ongoing developments can do so through:

The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper – www.jamaica-gleaner.com
The Jamaica Observer newspaper – www.jamaicaobserver.com
Power FM, streamed on-line – www.go-jamaica.com/power/ (this can be difficult to access as so many are trying).

Please pray for:

  1. The swift resolution of the situation

  2. The restoration of law and order

  3. The minimal of the loss of life

  4. Wisdom for the political directorate and law enforcement authorities;


Trinidad & Tobago go to the polls today to elect a government. Trinidad has seen a significant upswing in violent crime in the last few years. This election is crucial to determining the country’s forward path.

Please pray for:

  1. A peaceful election

  2. That God would overrule at the polls and the government He favours will be elected.

  3. That the outcome of the election will be accepted and there be a peaceful transition of government.