Global Day of Prayer Newsletter October 2010

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Guidelines to a lifestyle of 24/7 prayer for INDIVIDUALS

To live a lifestyle of 24/7 prayer does not mean praying literally 24 hours a day. A 24/7 lifestyle of prayer is a ministry of availability:
a) being available to listen to the Holy Spirit and
b) praying according to the prayer burdens that He lays on your heart. 

24/7 Prayer is to live as a priest appointed by God: being in constant fellowship with God through praise and worship and also to intercede for the world.

To grow in your own prayer life
, we are giving two different ways on how to pray.
1.     Guidelines (2 models) on how to pray for one hour.
2.     Guidelines on how the use the Bible/Scripture for prayer 

Practical guides on how to pray for One Hour      
Many people struggle to spend more than 5-10 minutes in prayer. By following the link below you will find two models that will help you to pray step by step for one hour.

We have divided an hour into 12 x 5 minute blocks and this easy way of praying will help you to spend your prayer time more effectively.
One of the models is a prayer pamphlet, available in 20 languages, called Seek My Face. These models are completely adaptable to your needs e.g. should you have only 20 to 30 minutes available  then you simply take 4 to 6 of these 5 minute blocks to pray. You can also change any of the blocks of information to make it more suitable for your own situation. It is important to understand that you can use this as a guideline and it certainly does not mean you have to pray for one hour every day. www.jwipn.com/articles.asp
(Look for the articles Hour that Changes the World and Seek My Face under 24/7 Prayer in the English section.)

Guidelines for praying the Word
One of the most neglected, but most fruitful ways to pray is by simply using your Bible. It is time to make our Bibles our prayer book. There are many ways to do it:  a: by simply reading the Word, reading and praying the Psalms, praying God's promises, praying God's will, purposes and commands, contemplatively praying through or praying through one Biblebook at a time. Follow this link for more info: http://www.jwipn.com/articles.asp Under the section: God and His Word, you will find several helpful articles.

24/7 Prayer for churches and communities
Guidelines on how to mobilise 24/7 prayer for churches and communities, you will find at www.globaldayofprayer.com/res_247.html