Micah Challenge International: Churches in 65 nations unite in prayer for global poverty on 10.10.10

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5 Signature Services to be held in Australia, India, UK, Zambia & Ecuador 

October 8, 2010

On Sunday 10 October, 10.10.10 up to 100 million Christians from over 65 nations will unite for a huge day of prayer and promise to see half a billion people released from extreme poverty, in line with promises made through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs.)  

Christians will impact up to 1000 leaders by reminding them to take action on poverty commitments through making handprint promises, which they will deliver to local politicians.  

Five signature church services will highlight the day in Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Zambia and Ecuador. Video recordings of these events will be displayed on www.micah2010.org 

Hillsong Sydney will commence the five global events on 10.10.10. Internationally celebrated singer-songwriter, Darlene Zschech, will lead worship there. Then, following on from Australia’s event, up to 10,000 people in South India will attend a prayer and music concert in Chennai to hear Tim Costello from World Vision Australia present his address on poverty and pray the global prayer for the poor. A memorandum over MDG promises is being planned for submission to the Indian Government.  

Meanwhile in the UK, thousands of Christians are set to gather in North London for a morning church service at ‘Jesus House for all Nations,’ where the International Director of Micah Challenge, Joel Edwards will speak on global poverty issues. Three London MPs are invited to attend one of four main services held across the day. In Zambia, senior Government officials and Members of Parliament are planning to attend a service at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, while provincial church services will also take place in five regions. Over forty MPs will receive visits from Pastors underlining the 10.10.10 challenge. 

The signature event planned for Guayaquil in Ecuador, which was to be a public call for accountability regarding the MDGs, will now be muted. The State of Emergency declared last week highlights the instability of many poor nations, however, 600 churches will still participate in 10.10.10 services. Specific Micah Challenge led TV programmes on 10.10.10 are still being aired on TV Channel, Enlace. 

Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church is fully endorsing the 10.10.10 campaign: "Justice, compassion, solution.  The answer is the church and people must be our focus.  Micah 2010 is a global response to the incredible need for resource, action, commitment and accountability - as we collectively take responsibility for a world in such desperate need.” 

Nicta Lubaale, Co-ordinator of an Alliance of a thousand Churches across Africa said: "We believe in the campaign which Micah Challenge is taking up around the MDGs, and we are happy to partner with Micah Challenge to ensure the promises of the MDGs take a central role in the planning of African countries."  

International Director of Micah Challenge International, Joel Edwards, said in a video message leading up to 10.10.10: “Just a few days away from 10.10.10, we have been excited and overwhelmed by the amount of Christians in 65 different nations who are going to be part of our day of prayer, promise and action. If it is true that the Church is the hope of the world, imagine what would happen if after 10.10.10, we do not go back to business as usual. Beyond 10.10.10 Micah Challenge look forward to promoting the need for increased political stability globally by highlighting the need for good governance. 

For further information, or to arrange an interview, please contact MCI Communications Coordinator, Theresa Malinowska, at [email protected] or call +44 (0)78 142 09442 or contact Campaigns Coordinator, Amanda Jackson on [email protected] or call + 44 (0)207 367 6571. www.micah2010.org


Notes to Editors:

Photographs of the signature events will be available afterwards on request. Please request permission to attend the media services or to bring media equipment.

Churches can register their group's involvement in 10.10.10 by clicking here. Stories, high definition videos of the signature services and photographs from campaigns will be found on the Micah Challenge website.  

High definition videos of the signature events together with Martin Smith’s theme song (credit to Small Seed Films) will be downloadable from Micah Challenge International’s Vimeo Account on 11.10.10

The global prayer being said in many different languages on 10.10.10 is as follows:

O Lord, our great and awesome God, loyal to your promise of love and faithful to all who honour and obey you, hear our prayer.
We pray for those who live in poverty,
we cry out for those who are denied justice and
we weep for all who are suffering.
We confess that we have not always obeyed you.
We have neglected your commands and have ignored your call for justice.
We have been guided by self-interest and lived in spiritual poverty.Forgive us.
We remember your promises to fill the hungry with good things, to redeem the land by your mighty hand and to restore peace.
Father God, help us always to proclaim your justice and mercy with humility, so that, by the power of your Spirit, we can rid the world of the sin of extreme poverty.
As part of your global church, we stand with millions who praise and worship you.
May our words and deeds declare your perfect goodness, love and righteousness to both the powerful and the powerless so that your Kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven. Amen 

Please download the prayer and the promise by clicking here.

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Micah 2010 is backed by a number of Christian organizations such as Youth for Christ Europe and North Africa, Urban Saints, Assemblies of God UK, 24-7 Prayer, Scripture Union International, Hispanic Church USA, New Testament of God, Redeemed Christian Church, Tearfund, Compassion Art, CWR, Kingsway Publishing, Christian Aid and Lausanne. Micah Challenge was launched in 2004 by two global bodies – Micah network of over 300 relief and development bodies and the World Evangelical Alliance who represents 420 million Christians – to be a voice of Christian advocacy against extreme poverty.

Internationally renowned worship leader, Martin Smith has contributed a theme song for the Micah 2010 campaign called ‘You have shown us.’ To watch and listen, please click here. ‘You have shown us’ is part of an album of worship focusing on justice, mercy and humility, available from Kingsway. A set of Bible Studies called ‘Just Mercy’ written by Micah Challenge’s International Director, Joel Edwards, has also been written to accompany the journey of faith many Churches will be embarking on, together with a set of essays on the Churches responsibility to the global poor; ‘Micah’s Challenge.’ Other supporting downloadable resources are available to Churches for help in planning activities on 10.10.10 at www.Micah2010.org. French, Portuguese and German versions can be obtained clicking here.