Global Day of Prayer: The globe reads the Bible in 90 days

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As part of the 90 Days of Blessing let’s repossess that what the enemy has stolen:

  • Let us READ the Word;
  • PRAY the Word (please visit the website www.globaldayofprayer and find the Prayer Guide for the 90 Days) and;
  • SERVE God’s people practically as God directs us in Scripture.

This is an invitation, an urgent call to Christians from all the nations to be part of this initiative.

We invite you to participate in a Bible Marathon, while continuing your fervent prayers and practical acts of mercy in your communities and nations during the 90 days of blessing after the Global Day of Prayer.


Visit www.globaldayofprayer.com and click on the Bible Marathon logo

Globally there is a firm belief that a new day is dawning (Isaiah 8:20). We need to move into a deeper intimacy with God if we want to see the nations of the world transformed. We need a new and fresh revelation of God.

God reveals Himself through His written Word (Luke 24:27). Therefore, a better understanding of who God is, His character and what His will and purpose are for us and the peoples of the world, we need to prayerfully read and study the Word of God.

For many this will feel like an impossible mission to read the entire Bible in 90 days. Do you know that it is possible to read THE WHOLE BIBLE IN ONLY 88 HOURS! This practically means that if you only spend 1 hour per day reading the Word, it will take you a maximum of 90 Days to read the Bible from beginning to end --- including 2 days of grace!

Many around the globe have already ventured into this adventure of reading the word in 90 Days.

The vision is the following:

  • 100 000 people reading the whole Bible in 90 Days in 2008
  • 10 Million people reading the whole Bible in 90 Days in 2009
  • 1 Billion reading the whole Bible in 90 Days in 2010

The Challenge:

  • It starts with your individual commitment, then
  • Mobilize your community/nation/region to read the whole bible during the 90 Days of Blessing from 12 May – 10 August 2008
  • If this time period is not favorable, decide what time will work best for you, or

You can register and find helpful information, tools, schedules and lots more on the website www.globaldayofprayer.com and join the adventure!

As we remember 2 Chronicles 7:14, lets Seek His Face by reading the Bible from Cover to Cover during the 90 Days of Blessing.