Global Prayer Resource Network Newsletter, August 2012

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"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ."
Philemon 6:6

Philippine capital paralyzed by floods
Flooding caused by torrential rain has paralysed parts of the Philippine capital, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes and closing schools, offices and the stock exchange. Authorities said half of Manila had been hit by floods, with water up to waist and neck levels in some areas. There were no new reports of casualties from these floods.
More than 50 people died after Typhoon Saola struck over a week ago, mostly in the north of the country. The severity of the rain since Monday afternoon - in an already saturated city - has led officials to issue the highest level of alert, says the BBC's Kate McGeown in Manila. Weather officials warn that the floods could get worse as the overflowing La Mesa dam, which holds back Manila's main reservoir, spills more water.
Residents living in slums and shanty-towns on low ground have taken shelter in community buildings, reports said. Several key roads were impassable and power had also been cut in some areas, mostly as a precaution, officials said.

Rescue efforts are now underway to help stranded residents.

Blessing for Flooded Homes and Farms:

"God of creation, You created water for life, yet water destroys life. Bless those whose lives and livelihoods are compromised by water in this recent flooding in the Philippines. Comfort those grieving, angry, homeless, and afraid; be with them and remind them that, despite this crisis, You will never leave them or forsake them, though it may feel this way. Bless those affected by flood waters with new life and help, that they may rebuild what is lost in You. Amen."

Comfort for Those Homeless or Displaced by Flooding:

"God of light, in the darkness of despair and pain surrounding this flood, be with the government & people of the Philippines. Remind them that they are Your beloved children, and that You will never leave or forsake them. For those who can no longer sleep in their own beds, put Your loving arms around them and bless their lives, that all that was lost can be made new in You. Amen."

Prayer for Emergency Flood Workers:

"God of strength, be with the Philippine government authorities, MMDA, National Coast Guards etc. as they bring hope to the despair of recent flooding. Grant patience, energy, hope, and kindness to those caring for the displaced and homeless, and let all needed supplies be available and abundant. Bless all sharing their hearts in emergency flood relief, that they may be Your hands and feet in the aftermath of flooding. Amen."

Avid interest in spiritual matters revealed in London

There may be an Olympic sales slump in London's West end, but churches tell a different story when it comes the demand for Olympic-related Bibles, booklets, and resources.

According to a release from More Than Gold, far from the 2012 Games reducing sales and interest, it's proving to be a boom to Christian organizations with something to sell that has an Olympic link.

More Than Gold is taking the opportunity to unite churches in the United Kingdom due to the 2012 Games taking place in London.

More Than Gold organizes churches, agencies, and volunteers to see that through.



  • Pray that the seeds of the Gospel will take root and bear much fruit.
  • Pray for hearts to be readied for the Word of God.


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