IDOP 2007: Prayer Updates

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* The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church *
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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 453 | Tue 06 Nov 2007

The Critical Prayer Requests (CPR) for Strategic Nations
<http://www.idop.org/prayerrequests.html> feature amongst the
prayer and other resources on the IDOP website. This RLP provides
last-minute updates to the CPR.

[We suggest the Egypt item below to churches and other fellowships
requiring material to include in their weekly bulletin.]



* AZERBAIJAN, a largely secular, Turkic, religious fault-line
nation with Sunnis in the north and Shi'ites in the south.
Radicalisation has been escalating. A major terrorist plot was
thwarted on 29 October. * For the nation: that God will provide
wisdom to Azerbaijani leaders as they tackle Islamic
fundamentalism, radicalisation and terrorism. * For the Church:
that it will not get unjustly swept up in the government's
legitimate measures to control a religious problem; may God give
the Church great wisdom, sensitivity, patience and grace as she
navigates through challenging times.

* BOSNIA, that God will expose the true motives and intentions of
Islamist Muslims who seek to subjugate Christian peoples.


Mohammed Hegazy (25) was born Muslim but converted to Christianity
nine years ago. Hegazy and his Christian wife Zeinab are expecting
their first child in January. Because any child born to a father
shown as Muslim on his identity card is automatically registered as
a Muslim, Hegazy requested Egypt's Interior Ministry to register
his Christianity on his identity card. The department refused on
the grounds that they could not condone apostasy, which is
forbidden in Islam. Hegazy is now suing the Interior Ministry for
his religious freedom. As a result, a highly important Great
Apostasy Debate is heating up in Egypt. Islamic lawyers and
clerics, many of whom are calling for Hegazy's death, have come out
in support of the government. The matter will go to court on
Tuesday 13 November. Please pray for God to be exalted.

* For the Egyptian nation: that the Great Apostasy Debate will
create an unprecedented interest in Christianity, in conversion and
in religious liberty. * For the Church: that God will keep Hegazy &
Zeinab and all their legal team safe; may God give them the words
to speak (Matthew 10:17-20) and may the Spirit bless those words
with saving and transforming power.

* LEBANON For the nation: that God will frustrate and bring to
ruin the plans of the wicked (Psalm 146:9), particularly Lebanon's
al-Qaeda-linked (Sunni) and Hezballah (Shi'ite) fundamentalists and
militants. * For the Church: that God will protect all those
Christians in politics, journalism, peace-making and advocacy who
are seeking to retain liberty and to bring security to Lebanon; may
God give the Church grace to show love, strength and faith to
endure, as well as wisdom at all times to know how to respond.

* MALDIVES, that God will be at work in the Republic of Maldives in
these days of challenge and change; may religious liberty become a
reality in Maldives.


The Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance has had sanctuary in Waziristan,
north-west Pakistan, since September 2006 when the Pakistan
government signed a peace agreement and withdrew. After the
government crushed a rebellion at the radical Lal Masjid (Red
Mosque) in Islamabad in July 2007, the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance
ended the peace agreement and launched terrorism against the
government, army and police. After at least 138 civilians died in a
terror attack against Benazir Bhutto's convoy on 18 October, the
government declared all-out war on the militants. In north-west
Pakistan a fierce battle is presently raging in Taliban-controlled
Swat district, home to some 1000 Christians who are facing violent,
unprecedented persecution and deadly peril. There have been two
suicide bombings in Punjab province in recent days. The President
has complicated the whole sitution now by suspending the
Constitution and effectively declaring martial law.

* For the Pakistani nation: that God, whose voice hemmed in the
waves at creation (Job 38:11), will speak to hem in the Islamic
insurgency to prevent Pakistan -- along with its army, its nuclear
arsenal, its people and its precious Church -- from falling under
Taliban-al-Qaeda control. * For the Church: particularly the Church
in Taliban-controlled Swat district where a war between Islamic
militants and government forces is presently raging. Please pray
that God will protect his people; may he be their shield and
deliverer, their fortress and refuge; may they be preserved as a
Holy Spirit-bearing remnant in and for the Swat district. (Psalm


As a genocidal war continues in Darfur, tensions are escalating in
Southern Sudan as the government still fails to implement the peace
agreement and Southern leaders talk provocatively of secession.
(With most of the oil in the south, Khartoum will never allow
that.) Unless there is unity around the hope of a New Sudan -- one
nation with religious liberty, equality and democracy -- then
localised wars like the Darfur war in the west will multiply across
Sudan: in the north, east and in predominantly Christian, war-
ravaged Southern Sudan. Though it's a minority, the belligerent,
repressive, Islamist, jihadist regime in Khartoum will win all
these wars because it controls the oil revenues and has the biggest
guns! Only by uniting against the Arab Islamist regime in Khartoum
can the peoples of Sudan have long-term peace and religious
liberty. Elections are scheduled for 2009. We are requesting a
miracle here for the Kingdom and glory of God.

* For the nation: that God will empower leaders and amplify voices
that can unite the presently fractured, tribalised, self-
interested Sudanese groups against the repressive, Islamist, Arab
Muslim regime in Khartoum. May God re-direct hearts from self-
interest to national interest, so the nation may eventually know
peace and liberty. (Proverbs 21:1)


On 18 April 2007, two Turkish converts to Christianity, Necati
Aydin and Ugur Yuksel, and a German Christian, Tilmann Geske, were
bound, tortured and slaughtered after a Bible study in the Zirve
Publishing Company's office in Malatya, southern Turkey. The trial
of their murderers -- a group of five Turkish Muslim nationalists
aged 19 and 20 years -- opens in Malatya's Third Criminal Court on
23 November. Turkey's media are reportedly publishing
'sensationalised justifications' for the murders. According to
sources, one widespread false claim is 'missionaries were linked
with the PKK'. (Turkey is on the verge of war with the PKK, a
Kurdish separatist terrorist group.) The media are describing
Christian 'missionaries' as a national threat. Turkish Christian
leaders have been named in hostile, 'anti-missionary' articles.

* For the Turkish nation: that God will give wisdom to judges,
restraint to media, clarity to the people and protection to the
Church and all the advocates of justice, equality and liberty in
Turkey. May God intervene to exercise justice and righteousness
(Jeremiah 9:24).


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