India: Pastor attacked in Andhra Pradesh; Four Pastors arrested in Madhya Pradesh

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EFI News

Pastor attacked in Andhra Pradesh

An independent Pastor working in Tandur Bellampalli mandal in Asifabad of Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh was attacked by the Hindutva Radicals belonging to RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh) group on March 29th 2008.

This incident took place, at about 4 pm in the evening, when a group led by one Gattu Beemaiah, the driver of Adilabad MLA Sridevi along with four other miscreants barged into the house of Pastor Hanock Sanjeev and started beating him mercilessly with sticks and rods for planning to construct a Church. The miscreants left him brutally injured. Pastor Hanok Sanjeev was admitted to a local hospital with grievous injuries.

The Hyderabad chapter of All India Christian Council (AICC) is presently assisting the Pastor.

Four Pastors Arrested under Conversion charges in Madhya Pradesh

A group of about 10 Hindutva extremists attacked four Pastors belonging to the Believers Church of India on March 28 in Raoti village which is about 28 kilometers from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh.

At about 7 pm in the evening, the radicals belonging to the RSS and Shiv Sena entered the house of Dinesh Damar a resident of Hartal Gram which comes under Raoti Thane where the missionaries had organized a programme to watch a Jesus film “Daya Sagar”. A gathering of 10-12 Christian believers were present for the programme.

While they were preparing for dinner, the extremists forced their way into the house and without any provocation started beating the Christians present and used abusive language against them.

The police arrived on the spot and confiscated the film and arrested Pastor Bharat Kant Patel, Sukram Dewara, Ramesh Bhuriya and Vilas Chandra Nag.

They were kept at the Ratlam police control room for the entire night where the pastors were interrogated by the officials. They even checked the movie to see its contents.

On the 29th morning the pastor were taken to Raoti police station and were locked in the thane on charges of conversion. In the evening, at about 4.30 pm the pastors were then taken to the court where the magistrate sentenced them to 3 day police remand and were imprisoned in Sailana Jail which is around 18 kms from the Ratlam railway.

The Pastors were ministering in Raoti village.

When our correspondent spoke to the police in charge Mr. I Khan, he informed us that two persons namely Kalu singh Bhavar and Dev Singh Katiya have filed complaint against the pastors. The pastors were book under Section 3/4 of Madhya Pradesh Religion Act.

Evangelical Fellowship of India requests prayers for the justice to be granted to the Pastors.

Rev. Dr. Richard Howell,
General Secretary,
Evangelical Fellowship of India,
New Delhi, India

Evangelical Fellowship of India (established 1951) is a charter member of World Evangelical Alliance an accredited NGO with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.