Religious Liberty Alert – Friday 11 April 2008

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Religious Liberty Alert | Week Ending Fri 11 Apr 2008


ENGLAND -- The Christian Institute in the UK is a nondenominational Christian
charity suiting Google for refusing their advertisement 'U.K. abortion law: news and
views on abortion from the Christian Institute. www.christian.org.uk'.

British Christian Charity sues Google, alleges discrimination

Catholic News Service -- 11 April 2008

CUBA -- Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) raises concern about reports that Cuban
prisoners are denied access to Bibles, religious literature, visits from a pastor or
priest and are prevented from praying and worshipping together.

Cuban prisoners denied religious rights

Christian Solidarity Worldwide -- Accessed 11 April 2008

GHANA -- 'President John Agyekum Kufuor of Ghana has instructed authorities of basic
schools in the country to revisit the teaching of Religious and Moral Education
(RME), which hitherto had been removed from the syllabus.'

Ghana's President Orders Schools To Reintroduce Religious And Moral Education

ASSIST News Service -- 10 April 2008


INDIA -- Voice of the Martyrs reports that Hindu militants beat a group of Church
pastors and members as they were returning from an evangelistic events.

Christians Attacked in Andhra Pradesh, India

Voice of the Martyrs -- Accessed 11 April 2008

ALGERIA -- Compass Direct reports that an Algerian Christian man 'was handed a two-
year suspended sentence for "proselytism" yesterday amid an ongoing government
crackdown on 26 of Algeria's 50 Protestant congregations.'

Algeria: Christian Sentenced For 'Proselytism'

Compass Direct -- 11 April 2008


CHINA - Alimujiang Yimiti is a Uyghur Christian who was charged with 'illegal
religious activities' and jailed for 'Subversion of the National Government and
endangering national security', a crime punishable by death.

Uyghur Christian faces possible execution for 'Subversion of National Government'

Posted 09 Apr 2008

tion-for-%e2%80% 98subversion-of-national-government%e2%80%99/

RUSSIA -- 'For some ten years the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church
(MP ROC) has sought to promote its "Foundations of Russian Orthodox Culture" as a
compulsory school subject, to try to win children and young people. This divides
children by religion and has led to the persecution of 'sectarians' (including
Protestants) even in schools. The MP ROC also wants to stop children's ministry in
Protestant churches, including Sunday school.'

Russia: Competing For The Next Generation

World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission - 9 April 2008


UZBEKISTAN -- Police raid Christian home confiscating items and arresting believers.

Urgent call to prayer for Christians in Uzbekistan

Barnabasfund -- 4 April 2008


IRAQ -- Father Youssef Adel, an Assyrian Orthodox priest, was murdered in Baghdad
outside his home.

Christian Priest Killed in Baghdad

Associated Press -- 5 April 2008


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World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC)
has selected this digest of significant articles as a resource for
the informed concern, prayers, support and advocacy of the Christian
Church on behalf of its sisters and brothers who are suffering for
their faith in Christ.

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