Join the Global Outreach Day on May 25, 2013

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Loren Cunningham
Everyone can reach someone
The Vision: to proclaim the Gospel
around the world on one day in unity!

On the first Global Outreach Day, over 10 million participating Christians shared the Gospel. For the second G.O.D. on the 25th of May 2013, we are expecting more than 15 million active Christians to preach the Good News.
Everyone can reach someone – together we can reach the world.
This "One Day" is a great opportunity to mobilize the majority of the churchgoers not yet involved in evangelism. It is so simple that everybody can be a part of it. Everyone is free to share the Gospel in his own way. 
Here are just a few ideas...
One on One – Invite someone over for a cup of coffee and tell him about Jesus.
Two by Two – Meet in your church and split up into small teams. Then go two by two to reach the people where they are – on the streets, in the market places, in hospitals, etc.
Care and Share – Do something good for someone and then share the Good News with him.
Reach your area – Make a plan on how to reach a certain area from door to door.
Ideas from A-Z – Organize an open-air meeting. Go visit a prison, a shopping mall or an orphanage and share the Gospel. There are so many ways to reach people.
Find more ideas and practical evangelistic training on
our website! 
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Global Outreach Day is an Associate Member of the World Evangelical Alliance.