Micah Network Integral Mission Initiative

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Micah Network Integral Mission Initiative

Communication with Micah Network Members

The Micah Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative to help fulfil our second aim which is to encourage a deeper understanding of integral mission:

Speaking strongly and effectively regarding the nature of the mission of the Church to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Christ to a world in need.

As a network we are rich in relationships and experience of integral mission and we want to make this more intentionally available to local churches around the world.

What will the project do?

There are two interweaving strands of work we're focusing on:

  1. Finding, mapping and bringing together the best materials, thinking, training and experience in Integral Mission from across the network (and beyond). This knowledge needs to be coherent and accessible and will be made available mainly (but not only) through the Micah Network websites in various languages.
  2. Working alongside (Micah Network member) organisations in national contexts in order to identify the specific needs of the church in their context and how the wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships from across the network can be utilised to deepen the church's understanding and practice of integral mission.

We're hoping to start working in around 6 countries over the first year, and these countries will be identified by the Micah Network Regional Coordinating Groups in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We'll be looking to start in countries where members are already working alongside the church on these issues.

Who will work on the initiative?

We expect that Micah Network members will become actively involved in this initiative.

Micah Network staff will serve the member base in this initiative through coordination, facilitation and communication. The core project team consists of the Regional Coordinators (currently Ruth Alvarado and John Wesley Kabango) who will facilitate the initiative in their regions, and a small international team consisting of David Westlake and Jenny Grove, based in London and Jane Furniss.

How do I connect to the project?

The staff team have developed a questionnaire for Micah Network members and it would be helpful if you could find the time to fill it out and email it back to [email protected]. You can find it at http://en.micahnetwork.org/integral_mission/get_involved. This would help a lot of our initial scoping and is also a means of expressing interest in the initiative.

If you are interested in working with the project in your own national context, please get in touch with your Regional Co-ordinator, or your Regional Co-ordinating Group.

Latin America: contact Ruth Alvarado at [email protected]
Africa: contact John Wesley at [email protected]
Asia: pending the appointment of our new Asia Regional Coordinator contact Jenny Grove at [email protected]
Global: contact Jane Furniss at [email protected]


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Email Us: [email protected]ork.org
Visit our website: http://www.micahnetwork.org
Write to us: 56 Rutland Road, Box Hill 3128, Australia

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