Micah Network Update, June 2008

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Up coming Micah Network Events: Updates

  • West Africa Consultation on the Church and Good Governance: Nigeria August 18 – 22, 2008Micah Network is pleased to invite members and friends to the upcoming consultation on the Church and Good Governance to be held in Nigeria from August 18 -22, 2008. Registration is now open and the consultation details, including booking process are available at http://en.micahnetwork.org/events/nigeria_consultation_2008.
  • Strategic Conversation on Disaster Management: Bangkok, Thailand September 8 – 12, 2008
    As requested last month, please continue to send any suggestions you may have for speakers on "Christian perspectives on Climate Change" to [email protected].
  • Global HIV Consultation: Pattaya, Thailand October 21-25, 2008
    Micah Network is pleased to announce that registration for the consultation on "Churches Living with HIV" is now open. Please go to this link to view the consultation details, and to download the flyer and booking form: http://en.micahnetwork.org/events/global_hiv_consultation_2008.
  • Asia Leadership Seminar: India, March 2009
    The Micah Network Asia Coordinating Group is planning a leadership seminar to be held in New Delhi from March 21 – 24, 2009. More details to come in the coming months.
  • 4th Triennial Global Consultation on Climate Change: Africa, July 2009
    Planning is well underway and we will be in a position to announce the venue and dates very soon. Please keep the event on your calendar!

Micah Network CD: Worship and reflective music on the theme of justice

 Dave Khai, Helen Mottee, Luca Hansen, Leonardo Alvarez and Stefan Eicher

The Lord is known by His justice, I will sing of your love and justice; to you O Lord, I will sing praise (Psalm 140:12, 9:16)

Micah Network is proud to announce the release of its first CD, Our Sins - a compilation of songs, most of which were written during Micah Network's Triennial Global Consultation, held in September 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It features music by Leonardo Alvarez, Stefan Eicher, Luca Hansen, Dave Khai and Helen Mottee.

Musicians (L to R): Dave Khai, Helen Mottee, Luca Hansen, Leonardo Alvarez and Stefan Eicher

Christian artists from the Limner Society also came together a week before the consultation, for a 5-day painting workshop on the theme of justice and the poor. The resulting works were exhibited during the consultation, alongside artwork produced earlier by a group of Indian artists, now called 'Creative Conscience,' on the theme of religious violence. This artwork has been reproduced in the cover design and album booklet.

We are keen to hear from people who would be willing to distribute the CD in their own country. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Jane Furniss at [email protected].

Visit the Micah Network website to read the official press release and find out more about the album: http://en.micahnetwork.org/index.php/news/micah_network_releases_a_new_cd.

New Director appointed to lead Micah Challenge International

The Rev Joel Edwards, who is currently the General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance UK, has been appointed to lead Micah Challenge International as its International Director from 1 January 2009.

Micah Challenge International is the global advocacy campaign which is a joint venture between the Micah Network (www.micahnetwork.org) and the World Evangelical Alliance (www.worldevangelicals.org). The aims of Micah Challenge are:

  • To deepen Christian engagement with impoverished and marginalised communities through prayer and action
  • To encourage leaders of rich and poor countries to fulfil their promise to halve absolute poverty by 2015 through the Millennium Development Goals.

"Having been involved in Micah Challenge since its inception I am very much looking forward to the challenges of leading such an exciting global initiative, building on the excellent foundational work of Michael Smitheram and the team." said Joel.

Steve Bradbury, Chair of Micah Network and acting chair of Micah Challenge International , said: "The board of Micah Challenge International is delighted to be able to appoint Joel Edwards as its International Director, from January 1, 2009.

"We know Joel will bring to this role enormous passion, commitment to tackle issues of global inequality and a powerful, Biblically-shaped vision for the kind of world God wants us to live in."

Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, WEA CEO also strongly affirms this appointment. " I am thrilled to see Joel take on this important international leadership role. Having worked closely with him over the last number of years, I believe he is uniquely gifted to serve our global community at this critical and Kairos moment in history as the church needs to significantly deepen its commitment to the global poor."

Micah Network congratulates Joel on his new appointment and will continue to actively support the Micah Challenge campaign globally, regionally and through its members, nationally.

News from Jubilee Debt Campaign: Journey to Justice: Birmingham, May 18, 2008

In May 1998, 70,000 people formed a human chain in Birmingham to demand that the G8 drop the debt.

Ten years later some debts have been cancelled, and many lives have been transformed. But the debt crisis is not over.

Millions of people around the world are still struggling under a massive debt burden, paying out to rich countries instead of investing in health, education and other essential services. Much wider debt cancellation is urgently needed to help tackle global poverty.

On Sunday 18 May 2008 Jubilee Debt Campaign organized a major event to celebrate ten years since the Birmingham human chain, and to discover the impact of debt cancellation so far and to demand a lasting solution to the debt crisis. The event was held at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, and featured a powerful mix of speakers, interviews, music and film.

Visit www.journeytojustice.org to know more about the event and Jubilee Debt Campaign.

Article from The Chalmers Center: Doing Short-Terms Missions without Doing Long-Term Harm

While there are clear merits to short-terms mission, it may not always be the most effective way to minister to poor communities. This article offers important principles and practical steps that can help reduce the downsides of short-terms mission, and improve the long-term benefit for all involved.

Visit http://www.chalmers.org/staging/mandate/april_2008/stm.php for the full article.

New Book: Plan Be: Be the change you want to see in the world by Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews, author of Compassionate Community Work, has published a new book entitled Plan Be: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Plan Be rescues the 'beatitudes' from their obscurity as a poetic introduction to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and reframes them as a set of radical 'Be-Attitudes' that can enable us to 'be the change we want to see in the world'. According to Dave Andrews, the 'Be-Attitudes' are an original, imaginative and brilliantly do-able set of realistic ideals that introduce us to Jesus' ingenious way of engaging our world of poverty and violence.

Plan Be has an introductory price of AUD 15. Email [email protected] for details on how to obtain a copy.

'Plan Be is a simple practical easy-to-use manual for a do-it-yourself global ethical revolution. In 8 concise punchy chapters Dave Andrews unpacks the hidden dynamics in the 8 Be-Attitudes and shows us how they can help us reshape our personal-political worlds'. Eden.co.uk

'The essence of Jesus' teaching is the Sermon on the Mount. Yet Christians have not taken this seriously. Dave Andrews reminds us that we edit out this teaching at our global peril.' Tim Costello, CEO, World Vision Australia

'Dave Andrews helps us to emancipate the Beatitudes from the too-hard list, and embrace them as prime ingredients in God's recipe for a grace-full revolution.' Steve Bradbury, Micah Network

'Plan Be is a call to live against the tide of violence, vengeance and unforgiveness, in order to nurture into being a world that reflects the radical love and justice of the One who uttered the words of the beatitudes so long ago. This book is to be read, internalised and lived!' Dr Charles Ringma, Theologian.

'Dave Andrews continues to be a major inspiration. (Dave's) important prophetic voice deserves global attention. I think Plan Be will be his most widely-read book yet. It's high time for Plan Be spirituality.' Brian McLaren, author of 'The Secret Message of Jesus' and 'Everything Must Change'

Job Vacancy: National Director Position at TEAR Australia

Micah Network member, TEAR Australia is searching for a new National Director to lead the organization as its longstanding National Director, Steve Bradbury is due to retire early in 2009.

TEAR Australia has asked us to promote the advertisement to our member base. Please go to http://en.micahnetwork.org/work_opportunities to view the advertisement.

Please consider passing this on to contacts that you think would have the appropriate experience for the role.

June Prayer Points

Please join with us in prayer for the following:


  • Please continue to pray for the millions affected by the devastating earthquake and the powerful aftershocks that struck Sichuan province, China. Pray for the relief effort providing food, medical care and shelter.
  • Food shortage is a growing concern in Ethiopia. The UN estimates that 3.2 million people are in need of food aid due to drought. Please pray for the people in Ethiopia and for the organisations responding to this need, such as Micah Network member Kale Heywet Church.
  • Although it has been weeks since Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, please continue to pray for the survivors and for the organisations responding to the many needs, including Micah Network members, World Concern and Myanmar Baptist Convention.
  • The new Nepalese government, in coalition with Maoists, voted to end the 239-year-old monarchy last week. Please pray for peace in Nepal during this period of political transition. Pray that these changes bring unity to Nepal and that the country moving towards to positive future.
  • A recent press release shared by Alfonso Weiland of member agency Paz y Esperanza in Peru and member of Micah Network Global coordinating group, described the atrocities that happened in Peru in 1984 when more than 200 Peruvians were murdered. Pray for the families of the missing, and for the staff at Paz y Esperanza, representing the families and giving pastoral/ psychological care for the families.
  • Please keep praying for the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe. No independent African electoral observers have been invited to monitor Zimbabwe's presidential run-off election on 27 June. Please pray for international mediation and pressure, particularly from the Southern African Development Community and the African Union, to end the violence and find a political solution.
  • The growing crisis in global food prices is an increasing concern. Please pray for people living in developing countries, where food represents 60-80 per cent of consumer spending. Pray that governments provide more funds to help poor countries respond to food shortages.


  • Micah Network's Africa regional coordinator, John Wesley Kabango, is in the process of organising the West African consultation on Governance scheduled to take place in Nigeria from the 18th to 22nd of August 2008. Please pray for John Wesley Kabango and Africa coordinating group member, Danladi Musa, as well as the local organising committee as they prepare for this event.
  • Please pray for final arrangements for the consultation, Churches living with HIV, coming up in October. Pray for the logistics team as they finalise tricky negotiations with the hotel regarding the accommodation arrangements for the meeting. The logistics team have been trying to keep costs low in order to enable participation of members. The consultation is a key opportunity to engage with evangelical leaders attending the World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly on HIV. Please pray for meaningful participation from the World Evangelical Alliance delegates in the consultation.
  • Micah Network will be holding a strategic conversation on Disaster Management in Thailand in September this year. The disaster management working group are finalising topics for discussion and consultation participants. Please pray for this process, and that the meeting achieves a shared vision and action plan for responding to disasters.


  • Praise God for the birth of Emanuel Benjamín, a third child to Loida Carriel, member of Micah Network Latin America regional coordinating group and her husband José Vinces. Emmanuel Benjamín was born on 19 May in Peru.
  • Please continue to pray for Dorothy Tran, a friend to Micah Network through Micah Network's dedicated volunteer Portuguese translator, Tatiana de Baptista Raineri. Dorothy has had a long period of illness with cancer and needs our prayer and thoughts at this difficult time. Please remember her family, especially her children and husband and her friends and loved ones as they support her. Pray that she and those around her feel God's presence in their lives.
  • Pray for the health of Ramesh Khadka, founder and president of Micah Network member, Share and Care in Medico, Nepal. Ramesh has experienced some health concerns recently and would appreciate our prayers.
  • Give thanks for the dedication of Micah Network members GHCH Nepal to their work and ministry. Pray for a resolution to their current housing problems and for peace and stability in Nepal after recent political unrest.
  • Micah Network is currently looking for a new Asia Regional Coordinator. Please join us in praying for the selection process; for wisdom for those involved and that the right person is identified for the position.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

If you would like to contribute to or be added to Micah Network's weekly prayer update, please contact Anita Deutschmann ([email protected]).


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