National Association of Evangelicals – Update, April 2009

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NAE Update

NAE Insight - Spring 2009
The Spring edition of the NAE Insight highlights topics such as rediscovering denominations, praying for our President, a new “For the Health of the Nation” project, the crisis in Congo, and much more. It also features H.B. London, Jr., from Focus on the Family, as the guest speaker. (read more)

Evangelical Leaders Survey: Environmentalist evangelical leaders (March 2009)
“Evangelical leaders may prefer to refer to ‘Creation Care’ rather than environmentalism but they certainly practice what they preach,” NAE President Leith Anderson said in his analysis of responses to the March Evangelical Leaders Survey.

In response to the open ended survey question “What do you do personally to take care of God’s creation?” evangelical leaders produced a long list of personal environmental practices. The top five answers were (1) Recycle; (2) Reduce use of energy for transportation; (3) Encourage others to take care of the environment; (4) Pick up after others; (5) Conserve water and electricity. (read more)

Search for Director of Government Affairs
The NAE is currently accepting resumes for our Director of Government Affairs position in Washington, DC. The Director of Government Affairs will be responsible for representing the NAE before Congress, the White House and the Courts and will work to advance the approach and principles of the NAE document “For the Health of the Nation: An Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility.” (read more)

President Obama has said that he will continue the faith-based initiative because America needs “all hands on deck” to meet the plight of the poor and needy. The office’s new name is the President’s Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. (read more)

Persecution of people for their faith is nothing new. Discrimination and violence against Christians occurs on a large scale in many countries under the power of dictators and regimes. However, the recent and increasing anti-Christian attacks in India, the world’s largest democracy, are unprecedented. (read more)

NAE Friends Events

Flourish™, a national conference for pastors and church leaders, is an invitation to one of culture's most exciting conversations: creation care. Its goal is to explore the biblical call to care for God's creation through the teachings of today's most insightful church leaders. (read more)