Terrible Earthquake in Italy – An appeal for prayer and support from the Evangelical Alliance of Italy

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Between 5th and 6th April the beautiful region of Abruzzo was devastated by a terrible earthquake. More than 150 people died, the whole town of L'Aquila was severely damaged, and many villages were destroyed. 

In the midst of sorrow, the Italian Evangelical Alliance (AEI) urges believers in Jesus Christ around the world to pray for the thousands of people who are injured, those who mourn their loved ones, and those who have lost everything. We ask Almighty God to give comfort to those who suffer and to quicken their hearts to respond to what has happened so that they can trust Him and Him alone for their life. 

The two Evangelical churches in L'Aquila were also affected. We have news of severe damages to church buildings and homes of believers. We are in pain for a little Romanian girl who died. Her parents survived and they belong to the Assembly of God. 
Evangelical churches and organisations of the area are working hard to offer help and relief. The Italian Evangelical Alliance is among them and is facilitating relief work in the region. If anyone wants to contribute to this work, donations can be sent to AEI's bank account 
IBAN IT 64 N 07601 03200 000046728002 
We know that God is in control and that He has His wise purposes even in the midst of events that we don't understand. 
Pastor Roberto Mazzeschi 
Chairman of the Alleanza Evangelica Italiana 
Roma, 6th April 2009 
Alleanza Evangelica Italiana 
Vicolo S. Agata 20 
00153 Roma - Italy 
[email protected]