New Zealand Christian Network News, November 2010

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    v-Zine November 2010  

Lausanne exceeds expectations

The 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (16–25 October) will affect participants and their churches and ministries for many years. New Zealand Christian Network's National Director Glyn Carpenter, who was co-leader of the 20-strong Kiwi contingent to the congress, reflects on this significant event. Read more…

Glyn is happy to talk to churches about Lausanne and its implications for New Zealand. If you would like him to visit, contact him at [email protected] or phone 022 184 7466.

Lausanne – what the
delegates thought

The 20 New Zealand delegates to Lausanne experienced the congress in many different ways. We asked them to share a few brief thoughts and this is what some of them said. Don't be surprised that two delegates may have completely opposite reactions to the same speaker. Read more…

Human trafficking in NZ

'Countries, such as New Zealand, are implicated in this issue in terms of the demand created by viewers of pornography,' says Glyn Carpenter, National Director of NZ Christian Network (visionnetwork). 'Pornography is addictive and damaging to everyone involved and there are many reports that say this is a serious problem, even inside the Church. As well, there have been news reports about people trafficked into New Zealand to work in massage parlours, brothels, and sweat shops.' Glyn Carpenter talked with Christine McMillan, head of the WEA's task force on human trafficking, while at Lausanne. NZ Christian Network is a member of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). Click here to read more about WEA's work through the Human Trafficking Taskforce.

Nuclear weapons – an
evangelical position

Glyn Carpenter also spent time with Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, who has just been appointed to lead the World Evangelical Alliance's new task force on nuclear arms. In this capacity he joined Glyn and around 30 others for a day-long WEA ILT (International Leadership Team) meeting on the Lausanne free day. Read more…

 'Peacemaking so much better than peace-breaking'

'Many of us will remember the distress of the Irish "troubles",' writes Martien Kelderman. 'We saw Northern Irish paramilitaries in open warfare on the streets; shooting, bombing, assassinations with innocent bystanders as often as not the victims. Defiant murals declared fierce loyalties.' Martien, Chairman of Resolve and New Zealand Christian Network board member, recently visited Northern Ireland to see his daughter and her husband. He reflects on the changes in the almost 10 years since a 'peace agreement' was signed. Read more…


Laidlaw induction

Dr Rod Thompson was recently inducted as the new Principal of Laidlaw College. NZ Christian Network's Glyn Carpenter presented the call to Dr Thompson on behalf of friends of the college. One of those present was the Rev Dr David Stewart, a former principal of Laidlaw College (when it was known as the Bible College of New Zealand), and who was also a member of the team that drafted the first Lausanne Covenant in 1974.


Call to pray for Sudan

New Zealand Christian Network is asking Christians in New Zealand to join a global day of prayer for Sudan on 5 December. Read more…


Update – 6th New Zealand Leaders' Congress

The 6th New Zealand Leaders' Congress is the unique opportunity for Christian leaders from denominations, cities, ministries, and spheres of influence, to come together every three years. The theme of congress (21–24 February 2011) is 2020 Vision – The Gospel in the Decade Ahead.

Congress opening night will be a multi-format focus on the Bicentenary of the Gospel in New Zealand (coming up in 2014). For congress updates, visit http://nzchristiannetwork.org.nz/


Religious diversity in
the workplace

STOP PRESS: The meeting with the Human Rights Commission for a final check on the Religion in the Workplace document has now been rescheduled for next week, 22 November. An update immediately after this meeting will be posted on our website.


What IS the trouble with Paris?

Glyn Carpenter was part of a group of around 60 people – mainly leaders of youth and young adult groups – who recently spent a profitable Saturday with Mark Sayers, author of The Trouble With Paris. Mark, brought to New Zealand by Compass Ministries, shared some great insights on the ways our modern culture is effecting our youth and young adults, especially on how the consumer-driven lifestyle sabotages their faith. NZ Christian Network strongly recommends you check out his website, www.uberlife.com.au. Mark's New Humans DVD is a shorter version of the day seminar he held in New Zealand, although this is not yet featured on his website.


'Crime and Justice'

Few issues today evoke such a strong emotional response as crime and its consequences,, says a new study from the Presbyterian Church, titled 'Crime and Justice'. Ideally public debate around crime would be informed but most discussion is based on rhetoric and emotion, the report says. The aim of the booklet is to explore ways of sharing Christian thinking about crime and justice with churches and communities to bring hope and transformation. A copy can be downloaded from http://presbyterian.org.nz/sites/


Rethinking Crime and Punishment website

Rethinking Crime and Punishment has launched an upgraded website www.rethinking.org.nz. The organisation says it's intended to be 'a significant resource and clearing house of information designed to help us be more informed as a nation on matters of crime and punishment'.


Note: Notices and advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of NZ Christian Network.

Does Inequality Matter? : a policy forum
The debate over whether inequality matters – economically, socially, politically and/or ethically – has been enlivened recently by the publication of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone by Professors Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The authors argue that certain kinds of inequality, and in particular income inequality, have many detrimental consequences, for example, in life expectancy and health status, the levels of violence and crime, the degree of trust, and educational performance. Professor Wilkinson will be the keynote speaker at a forum, on 16 November 2010, hosted by the Institute of Policy Studies, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, in association with the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Otago. The forum also brings together a number of leading New Zealand academics, researchers and policy analysts.


How will the children of prisoners manage at Christmas this year?
Can you imagine what it is like to feel as though no one cares about you, at a time when the TV is showing shiny new toys or the latest electronic gizmo? Can you imagine not getting anything from your mother or father because they are in prison. That is what it is like for up to 22,000 children and, as the prison numbers grow, that number will increase. We would like you to consider sending us a gift towards Angel Tree, before 1st December if possible. See www.pfnz.org.nz for payment options.


Open Doors New Zealand Director
Open Doors supports persecuted Christians worldwide through raising funds, informing the New Zealand community and encouraging prayer. We are looking for a new NZ Director. We are seeking a visionary person to take the ministry to a new level. The ideal person would have qualities, including an ability to develop strategy which they can convert into policy and action, motivating the team in the Auckland-based office; an ability to inspire Christians across a range of ages and backgrounds to support the persecuted church; an understanding of how to effectively use electronic and social media; strong presentation skills. This is a remunerated position which can be a full-time or part-time.
Please refer to our website www.opendoors.org.nz and contact one of the following board members: Karen Weir, 09 480 0456, [email protected]t.co.nz ; Warwick , 09 524 2134, [email protected].


New Zealand Christian Network (visionnetwork), PO Box 112 287 Penrose Auckland 1642
Phone 09 525 0949