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 Friday, November 19, 2010

While we struggle with marginalization of faith in Canada, other countries battle for religious freedom. Religious freedom has received unusual scrutiny lately due to some high profile activities. Lorna Dueck of ListenUp looks at the implications for Christians in many countries.

Should religion and politics mix? Society has become increasingly secularized while faith-based political involvement has become increasingly marginalized, writes the Hon. John McKay, MP in an article published in the Anglican Journal. However church is the place where discussion concerning issues of morality and justice occurs most often. Are voters less involved with our democratic system because we have removed the church from politics? he asks.

Apparently up to 82 percent of Canadians believe in God and at least 25 percent attend church. That might make us wonder how marginal faith might be in our country. According to a World Watch article on religious pluralism in Canada, as many as seven religions celebrate holidays of special significance in December along with Christians who commemorate the birth of Christ. Experts interviewed in this article agree that it's important for Christians to understand, respect and co-exist with people of different faiths.

What does understanding of someone from another faith require? Christian love, according to students and professor Arlette Zinck at The King's University College in Edmonton. They have befriended Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr. "There hasn't necessarily been a lot of encouragement for Canadians to move beyond general fear and come to understand who [Khadr] is," she says. Zinck and her fellow professors will provide a curriculum to help tutor Khadr.

It's a reminder for us never to give up on anyone. Closer to home, Vonnie Mostat says don't give up on that neighbourhood child known to be a bully or "bad influence" on your kids either. With God's love all things are possible.

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