Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Prayer Requests

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Jerusalem ! As the staff here at Musalaha prepare for another summer packed with reconciliation activities, we are hopeful that you will continue to pray for our programs to have their maximum impact on participants. Below, you will find descriptions of our upcoming events and the specific prayers we need for each of them.

If you find you have a heart for one particular type of outing or participant group (such as Desert Encounters or children's activities, for example), we welcome you to "adopt a project" by committing to pray for that specific project on a regular basis, but especially on dates when meetings are taking place. If you have already adopted a project in your heart, please let us know (by simply replying to this mail) so that we can be sure to send you more detailed prayer requests before each such event, as well as pictures afterward.

In Him,

The Musalaha Team

Please pray for…

All Events

Safety in travel. Trouble-free entry permit applications. Strength for staff and organizers. Open hearts and minds for participants. God's loving Spirit to be felt uniting us always.

Third Side Identity Retreat, May 25-26, Galilee

Third Side retreats gather together believing women who are not natives of the Land but who are living here on a long-term or permanent basis. Please pray that this particular retreat will advance these 18 women's efforts to find their unique role in the reconciliation process as foreigners and sisters in Christ.

Young Adult Reconciliation Reunion , June 1-2, Kibbutz Almog

A groundbreaking gathering! At this grand reunion, we'll unite for the first time all 120 young adults who have participated in a Young Adult Desert Encounter over the last 5 years. Please pray that old friendships will be strengthened, that new friendships will open up new opportunities for mutual encouragement and support, and that all participants will re-affirm their commitments to reconciliation and especially to launching new reconciliation initiatives as youth leaders in their home communities.

Women's Identity Follow-Up, June 22-23, Talitha Koumi

This group of 20 women is one of the four small women's groups that all met together this March in for the large women's conference. There, they spent four days learning everything there is to know about identity. Now that they've had time to digest it all, they'll meet up to share their thoughts. Please pray that their dialogue will enrich, empower, and inspire all those present.

Children's Prayer (Summer) Camp, July 2-6, Baptist Village

Our annual gathering of 40 Israeli and Palestinian children, ages 9 to 12, for a week of fun games, crafts, and Bible study. This year's special theme is prayer. Please pray that the children will grow in their faith, create lasting friendships that bridge the divide, and most of all, have fun with one another!

Palestinian Children's Summer Day Camp, July 9-13, Abud

The continuation of our most successful participant-initiated outreach project yet: a week full of fun activities, nutritious food, and teaching about God for children who are accustomed to none of the above. Organized by Palestinian women and youth leader participants of Musalaha programs, the summer camp is the most exciting event of the year for 150 impoverished West Bank children, both Christian and Muslim. Please pray that the children will have a positive, enjoyable experience that will brighten their lives and plant in them a seed of love for their neighbors._______________________________________________________________________________

We at Musalaha, both staff and participants, would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have covered this ministry with their prayers. Musalaha is now able to accept donations by credit card online at www.musalaha.org, or by check to any of the addresses below. In the and , please make your checks out directly to our partner ministries, with a note “For Musalaha”. All donations to Musalaha are tax-deductible.

Reconciliation Ministries

P.O. Box 238

Medina, WA 98039-0238

The Andrew Christian Trust

c/o Mr. Roger Tootell


Storth Road

Sandside, Milnthorpe, LA7 7PH

Registered Charity Number: 327845



P.O. Box 52110

Jerusalem, 91521