Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Prayer Update, January 2008

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Hello Friends,

Happy New Years to you all! As we head into 2008, it is important to remember the many blessings and accomplishments granted to us by God in the past year. However, it is also important to look forward to what will come in prayerful anticipation. Thus, we want to thank you again, for your prayer and support for Musalaha’s mission of reconciliation over the past year, and ask you to keep these upcoming events in your prayers as well.

Thank you again, and God bless,

Salim J. Munayer

Upcoming Musalaha Events

- January 10-12 Women’s Conference in Kibbutz Almog. This conference will bring together all of the women’s groups from all over the country. We are expecting around 50 Palestinian and Israeli women to attend, and the topic of the teaching will be Obstacles to Reconciliation and Prejudice. Please remember these women in your prayers, as they meet with each other and undertake the difficult task of reaching out across the dividing line of conflict, and embrace each other in Christ’s love.

- January 18 Leadership Training Workshop in Talitha Kumi, Beit Jala. This will be our second monthly meeting for leadership training, where the topics covered will include Hindrances to Reconciliation, Reconciliation with Self, and Reconciliation between Groups. As these Palestinian and Israeli leaders, and potential leaders come together, pray that they will create between them a special bond of friendship, and that from among them God will call some to be future leaders who will bring reconciliation to this troubled land.

- February 1-4 Youth Leader’s Training at the Dead Sea in Jordan. This training conference will bring together around 20 Palestinian and Israeli youth leaders for a time of learning, growing, and establishing connections and friendships. Their training will center on being a youth leader within a conflict. The focus will be on leading a youth group, but also on the Biblical Principles of Reconciliation, and how to instill the message of Christ’s love and reconciliation into the minds of their youth. Please pray for safety in travel as this group is leaving the country, and ask that God will grant them all an open mind, and an open heart, towards Him and each other.

- Secretary Needed. We have been greatly blessed, and have grown much in the past year, now we need more help. Please praise God with us for His many blessings, and ask that He will send the right person to come work with us, as a Secretary, towards the goal of reconciliation.

Contributions can be made online through PAYPAL on our website, www.musalaha.org Thank you.