Philippines: ACTION needs additional missionaries

General February 22, 2007
Dear Friend,

Presently the ACTION Philippines field and missionaries need additional
missionaries. The need for a business administrator is one of their BIGGEST
needs. The opportunities are listed below:

Please pray and ask the Lord if He may be asking you to serve in one of
these ministries.

Sincerely in Christ,
Doug Nichols

Short-term opportunities here would be:

1. A guy to work at Honest Hands with Carl Loewen training former street
boys in English, playing basketball, Bible studies and the like. Write Carl
for the details [Carl: [email protected]].

2. Mary Ann would like a woman to help her with scanning slides, filing
electronic photos and reorganizing her office. Write Mary Ann for the
details [Mary Ann: [email protected]].

3. Building team/s for Mavis Orton's clinic. Write Mavis and or Cindy
Gingerich for the details. [Mavis: [email protected] ] [Cindy:
[email protected]] (Ozamis City is in Misamis Occidental,

Five greatest *career* personnel needs in this order:

***1. A person or couple Phil DeHart can train in the areas of over-all
office management and the business office. Write Phil for the details Phil:
[email protected]].

2. Personnel coordinator to handle both career and short-term applicants as
well as the Philippines' web site [Jeff Anderson: [email protected]]

3. Teachers or missionary personnel to serve at Faith with ACTION. See FA's
personnel needs list for '07-08

4. Mid-wives for Mavis' clinic [Mavis: [email protected]]

5. Male and female jail/prison workers for New Bilibid, city and provincial
jails and the Women's Correctional Center [Jeff Anderson:
[email protected]] [Will Feuerstein: [email protected]].
"Knowing God, taking action" (Daniel 11:32b)

Doug Nichols, International Director
Action International Ministries
PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-0398
(425) 775-4800
[email protected]