Pray for the Christians in Egypt

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We received this message from very good friends in Egypt this morning.  Please pray for them right now.

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Dearest friends,

Due to the very tragic events which happened on Sunday night, 9th of October in Cairo  (24 Christians have been killed and over 200 people injured during demonstrations which started peacefully),   the Pope Shenouda made a call of prayer to all Coptic Christians around the world starting from Tuesday the 11th of October.  His call is to encourage anyone to pray and fast during 3 days for our country. 

With this message we would like to kindly ask you to join us, according to your possibilities and capacities, during the 3 days of fasting and prayers for our land which needs so much your intercession. Let's stand with our brothers and sisters who are passing by a terrible tragedy, sorrow, fear and incredible challenges we have not seen or heard of since the revolution.

Together, let's cry to our heavenly Father so that the situation in our area may change and that the leadership may recognize the existence of the Christians and the rights of 15 million Christians in Egypt.   In the media, in the social aspect, there is a total ignorance of the Christians and their rights.

This afternoon, thousands of people were at the funerals which took place in the large cathedral in El Embassyia, Cairo.  A great sadness and sorrow was on the entire attendance.

As we are writing, the army is threatening the Christians who are demonstrating down town.  Hundreds are already in prison.

Thank you for your precious intercession and receive our sincere blessings.

Fiends in Egypt