The Global Day of Prayer Newsletter -A Personal Note from GDOP Founder, Graham Power

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A Personal Note from GDOP Founder, Graham Power

Dear friends

I believe that we are experiencing a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. We have had the great privilege of seeing God take GDOP to almost every country in the world. Working alongside many other great prayer movements and organizations we have seen a “wave of prayer” involving millions of people, a wave so big that no one could ever have predicted it!

And still GDOP continues to grow and involve “more people in more places”. As a team we are expectant to see what God will do with GDOP over the next 10 years as this “wave of prayer” continues to cover the earth!

For more information on Global Day of Prayer visit www.globaldayofprayer.com.


In October 2006, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in which I came to understand that GDOP was the first of “three waves” which God would roll across the earth. The “second wave” would be a wave of “ethics, values and clean living” and would sweep the globe while being carried upon the continued prayers of the saints. Then the third and final wave would be a worldwide revival and transformation brought about partly by these two first waves. We have a short 5 minute video in which I describe this vision of the “three waves”.


For many years one of the key verses which has motivated us at GDOP is the promise found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, and we believe that this verse clearly shows the “three waves”: 

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

The first wave is a wave of prayer in which God’s people “humble themselves, and pray and seek His face” - this has been the goal of GDOP from the beginning! The second wave is a wave which sees God’s people all over the world “turning from their wicked ways” towards a clean and ethical life. The third wave is a powerful, transforming wave of God’s forgiveness and healing.


In response to this vision we have launched a campaign called Unashamedly Ethical. We believe that God has given a Holy Spirit inspired strategy for this campaign which includes challenging people all over the world to make a public commitment to living a clean and ethical life. You can take the commitment now by clicking HERE.  Please click HERE to learn more about the campaign and the strategy which we believe God has shown us.

Trusting that you will visit the Unashamedly Ethical website and gain an understanding of the campaign, I would like to ask your support in two ways: 

  First, please pray for the Unashamedly Ethical team and for the movement to grow. Until we deal with systemic corruption, we will never eradicate systemic poverty, and I believe the solution begins with us, the church. It is only the continued prayers of the saints that will see this second wave cover the earth!

  Second, please consider ways in which you could assist with the launch and roll-out of the Unashamedly Ethical campaign in your nation. This might mean you being involved personally, or it might just be your introducing the campaign to the marketplace ministry champions in your nation for them to run with it. Either way, our team is well equipped to help. Simply contact us on [email protected].

The GDOP and UE team members are part of one team with one vision: a vision of TRANSFORMATION, and I would love to know that I can count on your support for both “waves”.

Yours in Christ

Graham Power
Founder and chairman of GDOP and Unashamedly Ethical


If you are a ministry or marketplace leader, a youth or child leader, or someone who is passionate about prayer you are invited to be a part of the : 

World Prayer Assembly, May 14 – 18 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia.

 You can register to participate at www.wpa2012.org.

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