Pray for : Elections in Tunisa and Floods in Central America

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Join us as we pray for Tunisia this Sunday, 23 October 

This Sunday, October 23, Tunisians will go to the polls to elect a 217 person constituent assembly that will be tasked with writing a new constitution for the country within a year. Just as Tunisia led the Arab world in overthrowing its dictator, it continues to lead in moving toward a new political system. While Tunisians feel justifiably proud in their political progress, there is nevertheless considerable tension and pessimism in the lead-up to this symbolic election.
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Please pray:  
·         For peaceful and calm elections
·         For the security at voting stations
·         For the right persons to be selected as much is at stake for the political climate in the country
·         For voters to make the right decisions as most of the voters are still uncertain who to vote for. 

Floods in Central America 

The low pressure system that has hit Central America since October 10 has caused floods and landslides affecting 600,000 people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua including 55,000 people displaced to 700 shelters in the countries.
The Ministries of Health have reported damages to health centers and equipment, and loss of supplies. These issues put public health at risk if they are not addressed promptly.
El Salvador has declared a national emergency, and Nicaragua and Guatemala has declared a state of emergency. The ministries of health have deployed field teams for damage assessment, surveillance, water and sanitation and mental health assessments.
The challenge for ministries of health is to restore and maintain the delivery of health services, monitor water quality and control vector and water borne diseases through coordination with other sectors. 

Please Pray:
·         For people who are left homeless and who might have lost everything they own
·         For the health risks the nations are facing due to damage to health centers and loss of equipment
·         For the quality of water as water borne diseases increase during these kind of disasters

For relief workers to use the opportunity to spread the gospel as they show the love of Christ to those they help